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Helmets tend to be a pricey yet worthwhile investment in snowboarding. There are many hazards that face a snowboarder on the mountain where helmets can save your life. The first step is to get a helmet that fits right. Make sure that the helmet grips your head and doesn't move around when properly buckled. On the other hand, make sure that the helmet is not too tight and is nice and comfortable when strapped on.

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It is important to buy a helmet that is designated for snowboarding. Snowboarding helmets are made of much more durable materials and cover a wider area of your head and neck. Bicycle and skateboard helmets are not rated for the type of impact that can result from impacts with other riders, trees, rocks, and other dangerous obstacles on the mountain.

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One cool feature that is available on multiple helmets is built in audio. Those lift rides can be long and a set of speakers built into your helmet can make them fly by. This option normally runs a little pricey but is worth

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Many of the new snowboard helmets that available come with the option of a visor. This is keeps the sun out of your eyes and stops that annoying brow burn.

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