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When it comes to buying boots, comfort should be your number one concern. Spending an eight hour day on the slopes with boots that are uncomfortable or too tight in one part of the boot. The best way to find a boot that fits your individual foot is to drive down to your local winter sports shop and try on pairs until you find one that is a good fit. You want your foot to be snug and secure without the ability to lift your heel in the boot. Different brands have different fits and liners so trial and error will be the best way to go.

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Although, the size of your snowboard boot will match up to your regular shoe size. I try to get my boots a half size larger than my sneaker size. Jamming your toes into the end the boots after stomping a thirty foot kicker is no fun so make sure to have a little bit of extra room at the end of the boot. You should make sure that there is no numbness or uncomfortable pressure caused anywhere on the foot.

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When deciding how much to spend on a pair of boots, I would suggest buying boots in the middle range of the spectrum. Snowboarding boots start around a hundred dollars and can go up to over three hundred dollars. If your going to be going to the mountain more than just once or twice a year, I would highly recommend getting a boot in the two hundred to two fifty range. The cheaper boots will basically dissolve after repeated use and are not very comfortable as they lack many of the comforts that come standard in better boots. A good boot will not only last through more seasons, but also give the rider an overall better day on the mountain.

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The trouble with snowboarding boots is finding a boot that fits your foot the right way. My first pair were purchased online and did not form to my foot as a boot should. Second, make sure when you try the boot on in the store that your heel is kept snuggling in place at the bottom of the boot. Heel lift is killer on the calves and can add strain to the body. So make sure to pick out a pair that fits right so you will be able to ride the slopes from day til night.

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The first pair of boots that I bought from a snowboard shop were a pair of Osiris D3 Snowboarding boots. The boots were modeled after a very popular pair of the Osiris D3 sneakers which were quite the rage back in the day. As soon as I saw them, I knew I had to have them. Despite the guy at the shops warning, I bought the boots despite the way they pressed down on my toes. The next weekend when I was trying out my new boots, my toes went completely numb from the intense pressure of the misshapen boot. Of course the pulley system breaks as I try to release my foot and I end up having to cut the laces to save my feet. Just because a pair of boots looks awesome, does not mean they will make your trips any more fun. Go with comfort over style, Always.

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I developed a love for snowboarding ever since my first trip at the age of 13. I got my first set of gear on E-bay the following year and it has grown to be one of my passions in life. Living four hours away from the mountain at the beach made trips that much more special as I was blessed to have parents that would escort me to the mountain twice a month. Snowboarding is a way of life and a big part of mine.

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