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The first thing to consider is if you have enough space. As long as you have room to stand with extended arms above your head with about two feet of space from your finger tips to the ceiling, about a foot on either side when you lie down, and a firm, solid flat floor, you should be fine! People have also set up gyms out in the back yard and at parks. You can get very creative.

Step 2

Next, if your looking to do more than just using your body weight, it is essential to order a standard Olympic bar, bumper plates (depending on how much weight you can lift--good start is to buy two plates for each bumper weight), pull-up system, squat rack, kettlebell/dumbbells, jump rope and rings. With these pieces, you can complete several Crossfit lifts and workouts. Other items can be homemade if needed and bought separate. I'd like to note that most equipment can be creatively constructed for low cost, but has limited effectiveness at times. See my other post on how to make homemade Crossfit equipment.

Step 3

If you are planning to spend a fair amount of money and have ample space, purchasing a squat rack with a pull-up connector system would work the best. If you have minimal space and do not want to invest much, then buying a single wall bracket pull-up bar with a basic squat rack from Craigslist or without a squat rack at all will work fine. You can get a great workout in without a squat rack, but you will be limited in certain exercises, so it is up to you regarding what you are looking to do at home.

Step 4

If your planning on mounting a pull-up bracket into a wall, hang the bar at least a foot above your highest reach, and into a secure spot. Brackets from Rogue will come with all of the necessary pieces to install the equipment. Rogue Fitness has everything to build a "garage" gym, and have plenty of tutorials and customer service reps to help with installation and questions.

Step 5

If you do not have space to run at least 400m, then getting a rower will also benefit your home fitness. It is stationary and a amazing tool for increasing stamina and endurance without the heavy impact of running. A treadmill would work fine for running enthusiasts.

Step 6

It is not completely necessary, but if you do not want to damage your flooring and increase the life of your weights, purchase some thick rubber mats to coat the floor. Using a turf carpet will work okay too, but make sure it is stable enough for you to use when hoisting heavy weight.

Step 7

After obtaining your equipment, there is an abundance of Crossfit Blogs that present daily WODS (workouts of the day) for anyone to follow for free, including the main Crossfit web site. Most sites also have people post their results, so you can compare your progress, and there are many phone apps and internet programs that will help log your workout times and weight bench marks. If your savvy with Microsoft Excel, you could create your own spread sheet for recording stats.

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-Rogue fitness supplies everything for Crossfit and also have sales periodically to purchase equipment for cheap. -Craigslist is a great site for finding old, cheap equipment others may not use anymore--great for finding cheap dumbbell/kettle bell sets (these are pricey in stores for what they actually are; hunks of iron) -get creative--instead of using store bought medball, fill an old basketball with sand (works great). -Find Unorthodox trash to use--old car parts, tires, wooden boxes, benches can turn into barbells and bumper weights.

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When people first hear of Crossfit, they Go to search for what is entails on the Web, and quickly realize that most gyms are quite expensive. On average, a monthly membership is around $100 on the lower end. That also doesn't include introductory programs, which usually cost an extra amount to enter. For most college students and entry level professionals who want to begin training or entering at a competitive level, it is difficult such a high monthly expense. Although gyms offer direct instruction and support from the community to ensure you are learning the proper movements, it is not completely necessary to belong to a gym. I would greatly recommend eventually belonging to a gym for the community and daily competition, instruction, and facility, but if money is an issue, there are other options! Any one can practice Crossfit within their own home. That is the unique beauty of the fitness program. Even with a lack of equipment, there are ways to modify exercises to achieve similar success with enough space. It is meant to allow people to enjoy fitness anywhere and stay active. Although it is possible to workout at home, you must understand that the learning process and fitness gain are determined by the user. If you do not mentally push yourself to get better and challenge yourself past your comfort levels, you will not gain results. Any kind of fitness requires effort, especially in Crossfit. The reason people enjoy Crossfit outside of the community aspect is for the constantly varied movements and workouts, designed to keep the individual intrigued and not plagued by monotonous training. The following steps will help you purchase the correct equipment for training at home.

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