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Step 1

Although you do not need weights to become physically fit, adequate workout space would be somewhat necessary for full a range of movements. Ideally, a sturdy wall, flat floor, and an area of about 100m to run (outside) would be essential. Use nature to your advantage!

Step 2

Workout one: The first workout involves a pull-up bar, but you can substitute sit-ups or handstand push-ups as an alternative. The first workout is a Crossfit standard workout termed, "Cindy." The workout consists of three exercises completed continuously for 20 minutes.

Step 3

The reps and exercises are in the following order: 15 air squats, 10 push-ups, 5 pull-ups. Air squats are performed while focusing your weight on the heels of your feet and passing your bottom below the knee crease height (below parallel), and rising back to full standing position. All air squats are to be performed before moving to the push-ups.

Step 4

The push-ups need to be completed at a full bridged position, and the body must descend to the ground bridged until the elbow creases reach a 90 degree angle between the upper arm and forearm. A full rep is completed when one pushes his or herself back to the upright bridged position with arms again straight. You must complete all 10 push-ups before moving on to pull-ups.

Step 5

The pull-ups are conducted by pulling your chin over the bar and returning to full hanging, locked out position. You may use the kipping motion and any grip to complete the pull-ups and all 5 pull-ups must be completed before returning to the air squats to complete a full round of exercises.

Step 6

One round is equal to completing all three sets of exercises in order. You may break up the reps on each exercise as much as you want, but may not attempt the next exercise until all reps are completed for the current movement. For these workouts, which are deemed, "AMRAP's," one needs to learn how to consistently complete the workout and try to minimize rest time as much as possible while keeping good form and completing full reps.

Step 7

A good goal to reach on the workout is completing at least 20 rounds (one round a minute). An elite level Crossfit athlete will regularly complete 26-30+ rounds in 20 minutes of time. This requires very fast movements and transitions and incredible stamina. The key is to stay focus and not take any time to rest as much as possible, but to stay consistent in progressing through 20 minutes of repetitive work.

Step 8

You should also modify the workout as well if an exercise is too difficult to complete at an efficient rate. If you do not have a pull-up bar, substitute pull-ups for hand stand push-ups or sit-ups or any other movement you would like to try.

Step 9

Another workout I will explain includes pistols (the best leg exercise for developing strength without weight resistance), handstand push-ups (HSPUs), box-jumps, and burpees. You are to complete in order, 6 rounds of 4 handstand push-ups, 10 pistols, and 15 box jumps, and 5 burpees as fast as possible.

Step 10

Before beginning the workout, you will need a sturdy box, bench or step of some sort to jump onto with two feet, about 24 inches high. A wall for handstand push-ups is necessary, and enough room for burpees (to lay down).

Step 11

To begin, start the handstand push-ups with arms fully locked out and feet against the wall. Then descend and lower your head to the ground and bend the elbows. Once your head touches the ground, press out back to starting position. If you are unable to complete this movement, do push-ups or a modified version of handstand push ups (on internet). You must complete all HSPUs before moving onto the next exercise as stated in the first workout.

Step 12

The pistols are essentially a one-legged squat. To begin, stand in an upright position, then point one leg straight out in front of your body, and descend with the other leg. You want to try and keep the majority of the weight on your heel, and drive your knee toward the outer part of your foot. Do not let your knee slant inward toward your groin (See videos online for better understanding). You must complete 10 alternating pistols (5 on each leg) before advancing. You may modify these by holding onto a bar or something sturdy to help keep you body upright and from following backward as you try and support yourself on your heel.

Step 13

Box jumps are completed by jumping with two feet onto the box at one time locking the hips out in an upright position before returning to the ground. You may step up as a modification or use a shorter box if you are unable to jump onto a 24 inch box.

Step 14

For the burpees, proceed to descend to the ground with your body so that your hips and chest touch the floor, then you much get back to your feet anyway possible and jump off the ground and simultaneously clap your hands behind your head. There is no standard to how high your must jump on the burpee (just get you feet off the ground). Once you complete all exercises in order, you have completed one round. You are to go as fast as you can to get finished with six rounds in a little time as you can.

Step 15

Aside from these two workout examples, you can combine several exercises and formulate your own mixtures of reps and minutes to accomplish your goal of fitness.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Remember: -To accomplish sever reps without making it feel monotonous or boring, complete or set your workouts in rounds containing short sets of reps for each exercise (Exp.-instead of doing 100 straight burpees, just incorporate them into a 10 round workout of 10 burpees per round with other exercises involved. You will complete 100 burpees, but it won't feel like it). -Using a weight vest will greatly increase resistance. Exercises (list of exercises to be used without weights--see internet videos for more information) Pistols HSPUs Push-ups Air-squats Jump Rope double unders Ring work Pull-ups leg raises planks wall-sits box-jumps burpees mountain climbers donkey kicks wall-walks tallbees dips wallballs

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Although weights are needed to properly complete several Crossfit exercises and workouts, they aren't completely necessary to gain physical fitness. Most people including myself that find it hard to workout on vacation or while traveling can greatly benefit from certain body weight exercises completed in a series of circuits. Even if you do not have the money, time or resources to become a gym member, completing the following body weight exercises will greatly increase your fitness if disciplined. There have been notable athletes who have done nothing, but train their bodies against themselves without any weight assistance, and they all became incredibly fit and strong. Of course, having a pull-up bar or a set of Olympic rings would be further beneficial to developing strength without weights, but not necessary.

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