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Moorpark, California

About Ryan

How My Friends Describe Me

Sweet and caring but serious when I need to be. There to help whenever it is needed and always understanding of situations that they are going through. Funny and can easily make a good first impression.

Something Most People Do Not Know About Me

I like to just talk to people, it is good to get things out of my way that hinder my advancement in any form.

Craziest Thing I have Ever Done

My friend and i once took his car and drove it onto a golf course and did some donuts, right after a cop tried to pull us over but he knew his neighborhood so well we got away.

Special Recognitions, honors or Traits

I was put on the all league first team for varsity soccer my senior year of high school, and was nominated to play on a team of all the best seniors of that year in a division 1 game for southern California. All at the same time I maintained my 3.64 GPA and did amazing on my AP tests.


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Student Organizations

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Sports Played

Soccer - Halfback


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Thousand Oaks, California


United States


29 Years

College I Attend

Moorpark College

Graduation Year


College Major

Political Science

Zodiac Sign


Physical Stats

My Best Asset

My Tenacity


6′0 inches


148 lbs.

Eye Color

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Hair Color

Dirty Blond

Chest Size

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Body Fat Percentage

5.5 roughly


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Fitness Background


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My Workout Routine

Running for about 2 miles in the hills near my house, then come home to do curls, bench press, sit ups, pushups, tricep dips etc.

Weightlifting Supplements I Take

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