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Christopher Presley

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Willoughby, Ohio

About Christopher

How My Friends Describe Me

They would describe me as being extremely dedicated to fitness and nutrition and just an overall hardworker.

Something Most People Do Not Know About Me

That I want to become a personal trainer and certified nutrition coach with hopes to start my own business. I also want to become a fitness model.

Craziest Thing I have Ever Done

Taking modeling shots in 30-40 degree weather for 3 hours for a project in underwear, jeans no shirt and at 2 different locations. Very cold to say the least. Although pulled out a great shoot.

Special Recognitions, honors or Traits

I was a model in an all male calendar for the 2012 year, where the proceed went to benefit less fortunate families for the 2011 holiday season that was released in November of 2011. I was Mr. January and recieved lots of recognition for my spot and contribution to helping the families.In Feb 2012, I became a Licensed Insurance agent for the state of Ohio. I had competed in the the Lakewood Classic Men′s Physique competition in October 2012 and placed 10th in my division and was a featured athlete on Cyborg Supplements. In the end of November 2012, I became a Certified Fitness Trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association. I hold each achievement with dignity for 2012. Recently in April of 2013, I began my small business, which is titled Muscularmind Fitness, which is a growing and developing personal training name in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. On top of that I am doing quite well in school, holding an impressive GPA that I plan to see continue to rise.


African American

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Martial arts


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Writing - Weightlifting


Cleveland, Ohio


United States


34 Years

College I Attend

Lakeland Community College

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Health Sciences Program

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My Best Asset

People say I have a great smile and abs and chest.





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Left arm a panther

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My Workout Routine

chest day:dumbell presses 5sets each(single or double / incline / decline / flat)a set of pushups after each set 10-15. cable crossovers (sitting / standing) 5-8 sets alternating the weight. flat bench / decline / incline w/ 5 sets each.back:-dumbell bent over row 5 sets. seated row changing weight 5 sets. lever incline row 3 sets until failure. chinups 3 sets. weighted inverted row 3-5 sets. biceps-barbell curls 5sets. dumbell curls sitting / standing 5 sets each. cable curls 5 sets each. hammer curls 5 sets each. cable hammer curls 3-5 sets. lying cable curls 5 sets. preacher curls 5 sets. triceps:bench dips 5sets. dips 5 sets. dumbell tricep extension 5 sets incline / flat. seated tricep press 5 sets. overhead extension w/ the rope or v-bar.Abs / Obliques: decline crunches w/ weights 5 sets. Oblique crunches 5 sets. side bends w/ weights 25 on each side 5-8 sets. standard crunches w/ weights.Calves: calve raises on smith machine. calve raises w/ dumbells. seated calve raises. ***5 to 10 sets each***Legs / quads / hamstrings / glutes:leg curls 5 sets changing weight. lunges (dumbell). leg extensions 5 sets changing weight. Barbell Squats w/out smith machine 5-10 sets. barbell stepups 3 sets. Leg presses 5 sets changing weight. glute kickbacs 5 sets. ***stairmaster and spinning bike***cardio:30-60 min of cardio each day of lifting typically.

Weightlifting Supplements I Take

Muscle Milk Light- Protein 1-3 shakes per dayFish oil-variesMultivitamin-one a day