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Stony Brook, New York

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How My Friends Describe Me

Well my friends like to describe me in many ways, trust me im the most modest person you could meet but my friends always say im open minded, intelegent,talented, and sometime "the perfect human" because iam very athletic, i partcipate in many unusal sports and hobbies.

Something Most People Do Not Know About Me

Well most people dont know i have four names ryan akim charels carthan but thats really it i like to show the things i can do and share knowlege.

Craziest Thing I have Ever Done

Well in a few months it will be sky diving but i have jumped off a roof of a garage with skates for my rollerblading sponsore!

Special Recognitions, honors or Traits

Well iam a scuba diver that becoming a master diver, i was in my high schools documentry for it newyork harbor school its called "classroom on the water" and i can draw portriats ive been drawing all my life, self taught. i am a sponsored rollerblader, i want to be a fireman than pay for graduate school to beccome an astrophysicist, iam a beach/pool lifeguard, im on the d3 rugby team at my college, love philosophy and i love to travel.


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Sports Played

Football, Rugby, Swimming, Track and Field, Lacrosse, Baseball, Basketball


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Brooklyn, New York


United States


25 Years

College I Attend

Stony Brook University

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Dark Brown

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My Workout Routine

Monday: Chest• 2 sets Bench press warm up• 3 sets Bench press (pyrnamid) (view image)• 3 sets Incline dumbbell press (view image)• 3 sets Dumbbell flyes on stability ball (view image)Tuesday: Cardio Core• 5 minute warm up• 10 minute Interval training on treadmill• 5 minute Cool down• 3 sets Jackknife with stability ball (view image)• 3 sets Kneeling rollout with stability ball (view image)• 3 sets Hanging leg raises (view image)• 3 sets cable crunches (view image)Wednesday: Back• 3 sets Pullups (view image)• 2 sets Deadlift warm up (view image)• 3 sets Deadlifts (view image)• 3 sets One arm dumbbell rows (view image)• 3 sets Back extensions (view image)Thursday: Legs• 2 sets Squats warm up (view image)• 3 sets Squats (view image)• 3 sets Leg press (view image)• 3 sets Dumbbell Lunges (view image)• 3 sets Standing calf raises (view image)Friday: Shoulders• 3 sets Military press (view image)• 3 sets Lateral Dumbbell raises (view image)• 3 sets Dumbbell shrugs (view image)• 3 sets Upright Rows (view image)• 3 sets Standing Low Pulley Deltoid raise (view image)Saturday: Arms• 2 sets Barbell curls warm up (view image)• 3 sets Barbell curls heavy (view image)• 3 sets Triceps pushdowns with rope (view image)• 3 sets Preacher curls (view image)• 3 sets Skull Crushers (view image)• 3 sets Triceps kickbacks (view image)Sunday: Off

Weightlifting Supplements I Take

syntha 6 sometimes