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Onalaska, Wisconsin

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How My Friends Describe Me

My friends might describe me as hard-working, respectful, athletic, passionate, faithful, follower of Jesus Christ, diligent, self-motivated and always willing to help or provide service.

Something Most People Do Not Know About Me

It′s funny, people used to make fun of me for working out and running so much back when I was younger, but once they′ve seen what being in shape and having muscular maturity and symmetry can bring in your life-aside from the physical state- they began to be attracted to weight lifting and working out. It really does help you in other areas in your life, not just the physical body. It really releases tension from school work and everyday stress from your life. The bottom line is this- if you want to live your best life- physically, emotionally and spirituality, and your character- take your health serious.

Craziest Thing I have Ever Done

Well this happened quite some time ago, but it really shaped who I am today. Back in the 7th grade, I desperately wanted to achieve the Presidential Physical Fitness Award to impress my co-athletes and become fit. In order to achieve this, I ran around in small circles in the basement of my house every night for around 45 minutes along with a light circuit training routine. A few months later I received the award and fell in love with physical fitness. Looking back at the situation, it was one of the most meaningful experiences in my lifetime because I literately learned all the traits I needed to be successful- no matter what I chose to pursue. Such traits are: Goal setting, persistence, determination, hope, faith, and humility.

Special Recognitions, honors or Traits

I received an All-State honorable mention in Baseball during my senior year in high school.



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Drawing - Fly Fishing


Onalaska, Wisconsin


United States


38 Years

College I Attend

University Of Wisconsin-Stout

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Food Science

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My Best Asset

Functional athleticism and muscle symmetry


5′ 9′ ′



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Dark Brown

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Weightlifting Supplements I Take

whey protein, multi-vitamin, glutamine, creatine on occation as well as meal replacements and aginine.