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Trempealeau, Wisconsin

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How My Friends Describe Me

When I first was just getting in powerlifting about 7 years ago I picked up a magazine called muscle and fitness and I started reading it after that. I have dreamt that some day I would appear in muscle and fitness magazines.

Something Most People Do Not Know About Me

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Craziest Thing I have Ever Done

crazy: My friends and I ran from the cops one night on snowmobiles in my home town. I was with a couple of buddies at a party and it got busted we were not drinking but we still could have got kicked of the powerlifting team if we got caught. so we booked out and we raced back to my friends house. We were 5 miles away from the party already we stopped to find out the best way back to my friends house so they told us we are going to take the next two trails get off and go through town and take the next two fields back to nicks house well I never took any of those trails and never went through those fields niether. So we all took off again. Only 2 mile away from my friends house we were going fast i hade the slowest sled i hade my friend matt on the back of my sled and my buddy nick was first then my friend jason and then the my friend chris we all were going through the last field they were pulling away from us. All my friend were driving on the left side of the field. Well matt yelled at me we should try to pass them.(not a good idea) in the middle of the field was a river-run,and it goes under ground until it gets to the middle of the field well i did not know that. My freinds told me the next day that it was there but failed to mention it that night. I was new to this area. It basically was a big dip in the middle of the field where water runs through in the summer. well we were going 75miles an hour when we hit the river run  my friend chris who we had cought up to said "he saw us fly so high he saw the bottom of the sled and also when we hit the ground." Matt flew off as the sled while it was coming back down and I flew off on the side and landed on my leg. The sled had rolled a few times. Well chris stopped and the other guys kept going they had no idea that we crashed so chris saw me moving I landed 150 ft or more away from matt and I crawled to him i was hurt bad but i didn't care all i cared was about matt and when i got to him he was not talking and hardly breathing chris chased down the other guys they were almost home they all came back to see if i was ok and i just told them I was cold. I stayed with matt and tried to wake him without moving him. The other guys took off to go get help they went to the closest neighbors house to get help. The police came first and then the ambulance there ended up being four police cars and two ambulances. When the first police officers came matt started talking i just laid on the ground in pain, and one of the officers talked to me while the other talked to matt. The police man gave me a blanket to keep me warm. I told him i was fine but my leg was killing me. The ambulance showed up and the first responders came out to help matt. They helped him into the ambulance he started to come to in the ambulance and told the medics that he was not going to no hospital and he was going home well they couldn't release him because he was a minor so we called his mom and they told him to make the right decision he left with us. The next day we were the talk of the school all bruised up and with canes just for laughs but it was a good story to tell friends.

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Basketball, Football, Swimming, Powerlifting


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Rock climbing - Rollerblading - Biking - Hiking


Trempealeau, Wisconsin


United States


37 Years

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Minnesota State College-Southeast Technical

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Physical Education Teacher Education

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My Chest


5′ 8



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Dark Brown

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30-50 unknown

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I am all natural i don't beleive in taking supplements.