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Columbus, Ohio

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A San Diego native who relocated to Cleveland during high school, John exemplifies the best of the West - and the Midwest.

Muscle power equals mental power for this chemical engineering major, who can often be found lifting weights at Gold's Gym or at the Jesse Owens facility on the Ohio State campus.

These days, John is equally at home on a Southern California surfing beach or "just hangin'" on West 6th Street in Cleveland.

On campus, he lives in a 10-person party house with all his best friends from college.

Favorite downtime activity: Traveling to distant spots like Cancun, Mexico or London, England.

Cleveland native John loves to go clubbing in the city's famous Flats. During a visit home, you might find him hanging out - or raiding the refrigerator at his grandparents' house (another favorite hometown haunt).

John is drawn to the club scene but the strongest drink for this health-conscious body is juice or milk.

Never let it be said his brawn comes without brains. John is a chemical engineering major who likes to play computer games and read Stephen King's Dark Tower series.

Around campus, he can generally be seen tossing footballs or frisbees on campus. A self-described "sports nut," John lifts weights, runs, and plays football and tennis.

But this jock has a romantic side. Ask him what qualities turn him on, and he'll say "kindness, attitude and a sense of humor." His idea of an ideal date is a candlelit dinner on the beach with a perfect view of the water, then a long, barefoot walk in the sand to watch the sun set." Who knows what would happen next?," John wondered.

Not surprising, his favorite holiday is Valentine's Day." I love to show how romantic I can be," he said.

"Posing nearly naked really wasn't anything new, I tend to lose my clothing frequently when I am at a dance club," John joked.

Something Most People Do Not Know About Me

Won a $100 Dance Contest at a Night Club for taking off my shirt.

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John was captain of his high school's tennis team and played on the tennis and cross country teams.



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Baseball, Surfing, Tennis


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Traveling - Video games - Reading and bibliophilia - Clubs-Night Clubs - Weightlifting


Westlake, Ohio


United States


42 Years

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Ohio State University-Columbus

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Chemical Engineering

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5′ 8



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