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Columbus, Ohio

About Zach

How My Friends Describe Me

The "ring leader." In all of my groups of friends, I′m just that guy. I′ve got enough stories about myself to write a nail-biting book. Besides that, I′m outgoing. If you′re a shy person, you won′t be around me. That′s a guarantee.

Something Most People Do Not Know About Me

I grew up in a tough part of town. The south end of Columbus. Bad things happening on every corner. And on my Dad′s list of priorites, family was second only to God. He worked hard and got us out of that situation. I never forget that. Keeps you humble and makes you appreciate everything you′ve got.

Craziest Thing I have Ever Done

Once again, this is a tough one to answer. I′ve practically written the handbook on crazy behavior. I guess I could choose a mild story to share. Went out to the bars with a bunch of guys. The entire night we were all quoting WWE wrestlers and just acting like a bunch of degenerate animals. Upon returning from the bar, we thought it would be a good idea to test out the durability of a certain coffee table by performing the signature move of Dwayne Johnson, better known in the WWE as The Rock. I offered to play the victim. I got a running start towards my best friend and he promtly "rock-bottomed" me through the table. It was a thick coffee table and it snapped right in half. At the time, I believed my spine had snapped as well.

Special Recognitions, honors or Traits

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Native American - Irish

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Sports Played

Baseball, Hockey, Golf


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Weightlifting - Drums


Columbus, Ohio


United States


33 Years

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Ohio State University-Columbus

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Physical Stats

My Best Asset

Stomach or chest.





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Hair Color

Dark Brown

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I have a celtic cross on my left shoulder. I got it to represent my faith as well as my grandfather who passed away a few years ago. I also have the words "Fear No Man But God" inscribed on my ribcage on the right side of my body.

Fitness Background


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My Workout Routine

The routine depends on the time of year and the sport that I′m training for. Typically for before baseball season I will do 3-4 months of bulking. This consists of a strict lifting regimen that includes a high caloric diet. Typically, I will work 2 parts of the body in a day (chest and arms one day, shoulders and back the next day, etc.) During a bulking cycle I will cut out most cardio except for sprints to stay quick on the base path. To prepare for hockey, I will keep the same diet and lifting routine but I will add an intense cardio routine as well. This can include anything from hitting a heavy bag and jumping rope to running on the treadmill. When I run on the treadmill, I will do this with my nose taped shut while breathing through a snorkel. This helps breathing and lung capacity which is extremely important for hockey.

Weightlifting Supplements I Take

I do cycles of pre-workout supplements. It is important to cycle these supplements because your body builds a tolerance to them, making them useless. I highly recommend either C4 or ALARM. Both of these are fantastic pre-workout formulas that give a good pump and energy boost. I also use GNC′s Wheybolic 60 protein powder year around. It is important to keep a high-protein diet.