Decline Sit-Ups Using Resistance Bands

a.k.a. Situp, Sit Up

Differentiation: Mechanics

This variation of a sit-up is unique. Here is how: you use a double handle resistance band. The band is anchored to the underside of the bench. As you pull the band farther and make it thinner and longer,| the amount of resistance abs feel increases. You also perform this exercise on a decline bench. The bench adds to your overall range of motion. This longer range of motion increases strength and definition to your entire core.

Starting Position

To get into starting position, do this...

1) Locate a movable decline bench.
2) Set the decline bench to a 45-degree angle.
3) Obtain an elastic exercise band (the kind with handles).
4) Loop the middle of the band around the base of the bench. Adjust the ends of the band so an equal length of band are on either side of the bench.
5) Sit on the high end of the abdominal bench - with your lower legs folded over the edge.
6) Secure your feet under the foot brace.
7) Lie on your back on the bench with your head on the low end.
8) Reach down and grasp a handle in each hand - with your palms facing inward.
9) Hold the handles next to the sides of your head with your elbows bent forward.

Main Mechanics

Once in starting position, do this...

1) This is the starting position.
2) Exhale as you lift your torso upward, keeping elbows bent and stretching the handles as you go.
3) ...until your torso forms a 90-degree angle with the floor.
4) This is the ending position.
5) When your torso forms a 90-degree angle with the floor, hold this position for a count of one second.
6) Then, inhale as you lower your torso to the starting position using a slow and controlled movement.
7) Repeat reps for a full set.

Proper Form

Pay special attention to following proper form by...

Keep elbows bent and stretch the bands as you go.
Keep your head and neck straight when lowering your upper body.
Be sure to contract your abs during every rep so you properly engage your core. Be sure to pull the weight with your abs and not your arms - so as to concentrate effort in your core.

Gear Advice

To perform this exercise, you will need resistance bands. If your gym does not offer resistance bands or you do not want to use the dirty pads at your gym or if you want to perform this exercise at home, we have listed a link below to SKLZ brand Power Strapz - a Portable Weight Suspension Training System - which you can order from Amazon dot com. You take these with you to the gym or you can perform this exercise at home..

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