Dumbbell Side Bend

Differentiation: Mechanics

This variation of a Side Bend is unique. Here is how: you use a dumbbell. Using dumbbells works your forearms | as well as your obliques. The dumbbell is also held below the waist. This position forces your obliques to pull the weight. Isolating the oblique muscles increases their overall strength and definition. You perform reps with one arm for a full set, | then switch the dumbbell to your other arm.

Starting Position

To get into starting position, do this...

1) Obtain one dumbbell.
2) Locate an area of the gym with ample floor space to perform the exercise.
3) While holding a dumbbell in one hand, walk over the the spot where you will perform the exercise and stand.
4) Place your feet 12 inches apart.
5) Your other hand should touch the back of your head or on your opposite hip.
6) Hold dumbbell with your palm facing your hip.

Main Mechanics

Once in starting position, do this...

1) This is the starting position.
2) Inhale as you bend to your side opposite of the dumbbell, while keeping your back straight and head up.
3) Then, exhale as you return to the starting position.
4) Repeat reps for a full set on that side of your body.
5) When all reps are finished, switch the dumbbell to your opposite hand. Then, perform the same number of reps (by bending in the opposite direction.)

Proper Form

Pay special attention to following proper form by...

Your torso should not bend forward or backward, only to the side.
Keep your back straight and head up.
Be sure to contract your abs during every rep so you properly engage your core.

Gear Advice

To perform this exercise, you will need access to dumbbells. If you want to perform this exercise at home, we have listed a link below to the Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbell Set - which you can order from Amazon dot com. For your hands, we encourage you to order the Harbinger 1250 Training Grip WristWrap Glove or use weightlifting chalk instead of wearing a glove.

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