Ab Roller

a.k.a. Ab Wheel Rollout, Ab Rollout, Ab Roll Out, Ab Roll-Out

Differentiation: Mechanics

This variation of an Ab Rollout is unique. Here is how: you kneel on your knees | and use an ab roller device | to extend the roller (and your body) completely outward. This movement engages every core muscle simultaneously and increases the strength of your core overall.

Starting Position

To get into starting position, do this...

1) Locate an area of the gym with ample floor space to perform the exercise.
2) Obtain an ab roller.
3) Place a padded exercise mat on the floor.
4) Get on your knees (setting them on the mat).
5) Place the ab roller in front of you.
6) Place your knees and toes on the floor.
7) Lean forward and grasp the ab roller with both hands.

Main Mechanics

Once in starting position, do this...

1) This is the starting position.
2) Inhale as you roll the ab roller forward...
3) ...until your body is stretched and nearly touches the floor.
4) Pause briefly at the bottom
5) This is the ending position.
6) Exhale as you slowly contract your abs to pull the ab roller back up to the starting position.
7) Repeat reps for a full set.

Proper Form

Pay special attention to following proper form by...

It is important to keep your core tight during this whole movement.
Keep your arms stiff and straight. If your arms begin to tilt inward, you will be leading with your shoulders and thus the movement becomes a shoulder exercise instead of an ab exercise.
It is very important to keep your back sturdy with a slight arch to properly target your core.

Gear Advice

To perform this exercise, you will need an Ab Roller. So we have listed a link below to an Ab Roller Wheel made by Trademark Innovations - which you can order from Amazon dot com. You take this with you to the gym or you can perform this exercise at home.

Gear You'll Need


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Focus on following a straight line as you roll the ab roller forward. When you roll the ab roller forward, you should feel a stretch in the abdominal region.

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