3/4 Sit-Up

Differentiation: Mechanics

This variation of a Sit-up is unique. Here is how: you only lower your body three quarters of the way down to the mat. This movement keeps continual tension on your upper abs. This continual tension increases the overall definition and endurance in your upper abdominals.

Starting Position

To get into starting position, do this...

1) Locate an area of the gym with ample floor space to perform the exercise.
2) Lie down on the floor.
3) Bend your knees.
4) You can secure your feet under a bench, if you wish.
5) Place your hands on either side of your head, or behind your head.

Main Mechanics

Once in starting position, do this...

1) This is the starting position.
2) Contract your hips and spine to raise your torso off the floor...
3) ...until your torso is perpendicular to the ground.
4) Now, reverse the motion but only lower your torso three quarters of the way down.
5) Repeat reps for a full set.

Proper Form

Pay special attention to following proper form by...

Do not lower your torso all the way to the floor.
Keep your head and neck straight when lowering your upper body.
Be sure to contract your abs during every rep so you properly engage your core.

Gear Advice

To perform this exercise, it is best to use an exercise mat. If you want to perform this exercise at home, or you do not want to use the dirty pads at your gym, we have listed a link below to Valeo brand Exercise Mat - which you can order from Amazon dot com.

Gear You'll Need

Brand Product Price
Valeo Exercise Mat $17.51


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