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The rest of the brands are all still good, but these are the top 3 you should definitely check out first if you want great jerseys. Other brands that supply high school teams and some other sports leagues are Russel, Reebok, and Wilson and your sure to get better deals on jerseys with these cites, since they arent the biggest names out there.

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Under Armour- By far Under Armour is my favorite athletic brand there is when it comes to anything sports. So, naturally this may be a little biased, but this brand consistently puts out as the best fitting jersey there is and are used by many well known organizations of sports.

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Adidas- Adidas are naturals when it comes to making uniforms for basketball, just ask the NBA. They are the providers of the NBA official jerseys so they are sure to supply you with quality, but once again the price may be a little higher because of this.

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Nike- Of course, the most well known athletic chain in the United States and possibly across the world is Nike. They consistently provide top quality items and they didn't stop when they added uniforms to their arsenal. What you can expect is higher prices, but the price may be worth it for top notch quality.

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The most important thing when ordering uniforms is the quality of the brand your buying from. You want a durable jersey that doesn't fade easily and shrink or something right after your first wash and dry. Some of the cites to buy your jerseys that are reliable and good quality include:

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There are many ways to get your hands on some customized team uniforms. The most efficient and promising way to do it is by using the internet to order your team jerseys. There are plenty of websites that offer custom jerseys and shorts to prepare your basketball team for the game.

Step 7

Jersey fabric is usually a mesh fabric made out of polyester. The cheaper quality jerseys tend to have the print and numbers on the jersey fade quicker than the higher quality jerseys so it might be a better idea to invest a little more in the trusted quality brands to ensure durability with every jersey.

Step 8

There are many different materials but the best to buy for breathability, comfort, and warmth in cold weather is Pro Mesh. Other top quality material is Dura Mesh, Micro Mesh, Poly Mesh, and stretch Nylon (Primarily used for baseball for its superior durability).

Step 9

For typically recreational jerseys that you would buy for a team, you would probably buy a 100% polyester fabric jersey because they are mainly used for reversible jerseys and easily imprinted. They are lightweight and breathable but not as comfortable or durable as the top quality brands. It would probably be more cost effective to actually buyy the better-quality for a higher price just for its durability.

Step 10

Jerseys provide a uniqueness to a team that can change the attitude of a player. Everybody likes to look good while they play and like to wear and represent their numbers, so buying the right jersey for your team can be the game changer!

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