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Dumbell wrist curls: Grab a pair of dumbells and either stand or sit with the dumbbells at your sides, palms facing towards your hips. Curl your wrist upwards in turn sliding the dumbbell along your sides. Just like shrugs, raise the weight, pause, lower, repeat. Slow and steady. do 3-4 sets, with a high rep range of 12-15 and if your grip hasn't gotten away from you yet, move to the next exercise,

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Ahh my favorite, behind the back barbell wrist curls. Load the curl bar(straight, or E-Z bar) as if you war going to be doing bicep curls. Then turn around. I find that the narrower my grip is the more i use my forearms alone.Pick-up the barbell behind your back so the back of your wrists are touching your butt/back. Curl so that your hand come up and your palms face the ceiling. Go for another 3-4 sets in a high rep range

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Almost any cable machine can be used to work your forearms. commonly i use one side of a cable fly machine with the single had grips to do the same as i would with dumbbells.

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Your forearms are worked in all lifts for stabilization. Bench,Squat, and Especially deadlifts. While your back and legs may be able to deadlift 400 pounds, if you can't squeeze the bar hard enough, with a tight enough grip, then your going to lose it. Come on guys lets be real, t -shirts cover up our accomplishments and reached goals in the gym, but if someone's got huge vascular forearms, then you know they must be a lifter ;)

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Ever have people stare at you in the gym while your work forearms? Well, to keep it vague, forearm training can be laughed at, and looked at pervertedly at times. BUT we will leave it at that...

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Think about it. Your forearms are used all day everyday. Ever get a writing cramp? your grip tenth is determined buy the strength of your forearms. all those finger tendons are attached at the elbow after running up the forearm. Needless to say, your forearms are used a lot, and there for need to be trained till burnout. This means many exercises, and many reps. I find it easy to get a good burn from doing a weight i can do anywhere from 12-15 reps with, exercises may include dumbbell wrist curls, behind the back wrist curls(barbell) or machines that are targeted towards forearms.

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