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Nike high cut socks are the style today. Almost every elite wrestler prefers to wear Nike. Black, white, or grey are the preferred colors.

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Sometimes all you need is one pair of socks. If you find yourself getting callouses, try doubling up and wearing two pairs to prevent friction on your skin. Also, doubling up is a style that some wrestlers prefer.

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Get socks that are dry fit. Do not wear socks that are 100% cotton. These socks just soak in sweat and keep it in the fabric. This is not good for your feet. This will help your feet stay dry and prevent athletes foot and other nasty things.

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Its as easy as it sounds. Stop by your local athletic department store and choose a pair of socks that are dry fit. Make sure they fit your feet snug. Your ready to put on your wrestling shoes and get out on the mat!

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Some people wear low cut socks. Some people where high cut socks. It is all about preference. Choose your style and go with it. Socks are of very little importance to wrestling.

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I used to wear low cut socks as a beginner, but as time goes on high cut socks were the style. Also they give your ankles a bit of protection.

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