How To Avoid Knee Injuries in Football

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First off, if you're competing in athletics that are vigorous and affect the knee joints weight training is a must. The knee joints are a very unstable hinge joint in the body and it doesn't take much for it to get hurt. Building up all the muscle around those joints, ligaments and tendons will secure them in place and keep from moving about. Even if your knee hurts and you don't feel as if you can lift weights with them still do, just lift light and work your way up. Weak knees won't become stronger by not working them out.

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Making sure those big muscles you're now working out are stretched is another important step. Stretching the hamstrings, quads and hip flexors before physical activity will highly reduce the risk of injury. Tight muscles play a big factor in injuries and there's no difference when talking about the knees.

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If you already have weak knees another thing you could do is purchase a brace to securely lock it in place. The cheap sleeve ones from the pharmacy will work to a certain degree to keep the compression, but the metal robotic looking ones will put even more confidence in your game. Even the smallest, cheapest brace will make some difference, it's just your job to figure out how bad your knees are to access which brace you should get.

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One of the easiest ways that can almost guarantee healthy knees is just simply stretching before any physical activity. Make sure your muscles are warm all throughout your activity.

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During my senior year in high school while I was playing under the Friday night lights I blew out my ACL and Meniscus. This was done on two separate plays. I had never had a knee injury before so I didn't know what was wrong. After the trainer looked at it all she said was I had hyper-extended it and I'd be able to play in two weeks. That was the third game of the season. So, from September all the way till we won state in December I had been playing on a torn ACL and Meniscus and had no idea. I finally received surgery in mid December. I will never trust another trainer.

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Since I have torn my ACL, Medial Meniscus and my Lateral Meniscus on my other knee I have heard a lot of ways from Orthopedic Surgeons and such on how to keep your knee safe. I hope this information helps you keep the knees healthy.

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