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Currently what I am trying to do is get more cut. I think that is my New Year's resolution. I have the bulk, so now its time to get more cut. So, unfortunately, that entails running. So, you are definitely going to have to get over that. Running, and swimming, jump rope or boxing are definitely the best ways of get cut.

Step 2

When I was in high school, I used to wrestle. And believe it or not, my weigh class was 125 pounds. I went up to 135 pounds by the time I graduated, but I was pretty skinny when I came to college. When I got to college, I decided I wanted to bulk up a little bit. So, I started going to the gym, doing heavy weights, low reps, had a good spotter to spot me, and took a lot of protein and started on a creatine diet.

Step 3

Creatine is great, but if you have ever taken it, and stop taking it, you will see there are some side effects. Where you are more bulking and not as cut. So, I stopped on creatine and tried to cut myself up a little bit more. My current workout is not real heavy weights, but not real light. Any weight that I can do 8-12 reps. I focus on one body part per day. So, Mondays I will do chest, and every day I will do abs, of course. Monday I will do chest and abs. Tuesday I might do shoulders and abs, Wednesday I might go to back and abs. And then Thursday or Friday, I might, usually I go one of the two days, I will do arms and abs.

Step 4

Throw in legs in there every now and then, but I do not focus on them as much. As long as you eat your protein after you work out, take some kind of supplement. I am big on NO2 right now. Its a great supplement. If you are looking to bulk up, maybe take a little creatine. I am currently about 180 pounds, so I definitely have gained some weight since high school. And I think it is mostly muscle, so I am not too worried about it. Creatine is a great way to gain it. NO2 is a great way to maintain in.

Step 5

Different body parts are definitely easier or harder to work out, depending on the size. I find that the bigger the muscle, the easier. Its a lot easier to work out your chest and do squats and get your thighs real big and you might have a little problem with your forearms or biceps.

Step 6

The best advice I would give to you if you want to get your biceps bigger is do real heavy weights, as many as you can, but definitely every set, go to exhaustion. Just don't just do 12 and stop. Just go to exhaustion, put more weight on, go to exhaustion, put more weight on.

Step 7

So, if you find yourself getting bored with your workout, you just kind of need to stick with it, maybe get a new MP3 player, put some new tunes on. I am a big fan of "Rise Against" right now, if you wanted to get some good music to work out to. Change it up. Maybe change your gym, even. If you are getting bored with your gym, go to a different gym. I am sure there are tons by you. Get a new lifting partner if you find your partner is bailing on you, start going by yourself. I actually go by myself, and find that now I have more of a problem going by myself because I don;t like being subject to somebody else's excuses. Its all in yourself. I think if you can rely on yourself, I think you will be much better off.

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Be sure to lift heavy to exhaustion and take the needed supplements.

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