Tanning Tips

One of the first steps to preparing for a photo session or for spring break is to get a deep, rich tan.

Here are some tips to keep your body looking tan:

If you have "shorts-type" tan lines— untanned areas on your legs from wearing shorts, it is important to correct these tan lines before your professional photo shoot. This is often a challenge for male models who are outdoors for long periods of time. If you must be in the sunlight for extended periods of time, wear long pants. It is better to block sun from your legs completely than to develop a tan line from shorts.

Tanning nude is always best. However, wear the shortest shorts available whenever you tan outdoors if you cannot find a location to tan nude outdoors. Then follow-up by tanning in a tanning salon.

1) Before you tan, buy a Philips Bodygroom Shaver and shave any body hair that you may later shave. Hair keeps the sun's rays from hitting your skin. You can read info on shaving body hair and trimming pubic hair.

2) Before you tan, use a loofah or similar tool to rub off dead skin from your body.

3) If you are tanning in a tanning bed within 48 hours prior to your photo shoot, be sure to be very clear about asking the intensity and age of the bulbs. Showing up to a photo shoot with red skin ruins everyone's time!

4) Add moisturizer before or after you tan. Remember, you are drying out your skin by tanning. Moisturizer keeps water in your skin.

5) Drink lots of water and make sure a fan is running near the tanning bed.

6) If you are using a tanning bed, you should cover your crotch. The skin on your scrotum is very sensitive. You can either fold your underwear and place it on your crotch to blocks the rays or put your penis and scrotum inside a stretchable sock.

Don't Get Too Dark

Tan lines are bad, but it is possible to get too dark of a tan. Besides being a cancer hazard and aging your skin prematurely, dark tans sometimes do not mesh well with male model photography and definition of skin tone is lost. Male models can appear as a silhouette on film, so do not overdo it.

Do Not Tan Your Face

Most importantly, do not tan your face. If you wish to tan your body, go ahead, but cover your face with a towel in the tanning bed. Tanning ages you and shortens the number of years during which you are hot.

Add a sunscreen in the morning - even on winter days. When tanning in a tanning bed or outdoors, cover your face with a towel.

Apply Moisturizer

Most importantly, apply moisturizing lotion to your face skin. Your skin is an organ that stretches and should not be dried out.

The two tanning lotions CampusMen.com recommends are:

Avoiding Tan Lines on your upper body and arms

Male models should avoid tan lines by tanning nude. When the job needs to get done, sometimes you cannot worry about who is around. If you don't feel comfortable wearing briefs in public or cannot find a location to tan nude outdoors, tan in the shortest shorts available or limit yourself to tanning booths.

If you must be in the sunlight for extended periods of time, wear long pants. It is better to block sun from your legs completely than to develop a tan line from shorts. Be sure to go shirtless or add sunscreen on your arms if you are wearing a shirt. Showing up to a photo shoot with tan lines from a tank top is very bad.

Tan Lines On Butt and Legs Frequent Problem

A frequent challenge in the past has been avoiding "shorts-type" tan lines — the untanned area on your legs that extends past your buttocks from wearing shorts in the sun. Avoid tan lines from wearing shorts! It doesn't look appealing in photographs in which a model wears underwear and prevents him from showing his rear end. You can read how to correct tan lines on your legs using a tanning bed.

You can also read advice on spray tanning.

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