Get Laid on Spring Break

By Vicky Phipps, a graduate of The Ohio State University.

Most guys say they want to get laid on Spring break - but does their plan of action during seven days on Spring Break really match that goal?

Quantity Approach to Getting Laid

You learn how to meet girls and get laid from the "masters." One such master was a guy who we met had an excellent approach to banging ladies on Spring Break. Josh was fearless. He did not give himself time to be fearless or fearful.

We met Josh at Pat O'Brien's Cancun, waiting in line for the free 8 ounce beer the wristband gets you. Josh moved from girl to girl in the line, plowing through a bunch of girls until he found a girl who was receptive to whatever line he was saying. (This advice is not about saying the line - it is about quantity.) He didn't stop and "work" one particular girl. He just moved on. He "shopped" for the girl who was receptive. No, Josh just went from girl to girl, saying hello until he found a girl who he clicked with. He only spent a total of 7 seconds on any one girl. Did some girls think he was a "tool?" Maybe. But Josh got laid. Every night. He didn't waste three valuable spring break days working one girl who lived 800 miles from his college.

While other guys stood at the side, comforted that they were looking cool, Josh got laid.

Going Solo for Speed

Josh also didn't have a wingman. Friends complicate things. If your friends are like mine, they won't take a quantity approach. They see one girl they like and concentrate on her by thinking about what to say to her, wanting a "cool" approach. They do not want to be seen as a "tool," contemplating, planning, waiting for the "right" time. Then, when shot down, they look for another girl to waste more time on.

It is truly unwise to worry about what girls on Spring Break will think of you - since you will never see them again. There is no time to "develop" a plan. Developing anything is bad. Quantity is smart. Remember, if you follow the advice of Tom Leykis, you are doing something right if girls think you are a jerk.

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