Stalkers: How to Avoid or Deal With a Stalker

When we begin speaking to most college guys about why they should avoid stalkers, most usually begin smiling and think it is funny. They have visions of a crazy girl going ballistic and making them laugh.

...they think stalkers are funny, until they actually experience having a real stalker.

Would you think it is cute if some older gay man keeps phoning your work to say crude shit to you and your co-workers?

Would you like your girlfriend to receive an anonymous email from a female (you have never met) claiming that you are cheating on her?

Would you like to be forced to get out of bed with a hangover at 7AM on a Sunday to answer the phone because some stalker is phoning your dorm room?

You may wonder how you can go from trying to model to being interrupted at work with a phone call from some freak ten times a week. And your boss will likely bitch at you for receiving these calls.

Stalkers Have Much Available Time

You see, while you have an active social life, and go to a house party or game or movie on Saturday night, stalkers are home with a lot of time on their hands. And they are very smart and crafty just crazy.

Don't ask why stalkers do this. We don't know. We just know it happens and they are crazy. Sometimes they want attention. The more you threaten to kick their ass, the more they will come back. When you threaten, they are now in a "fight with a male model" in their mind which adds excitement to their boring lives. And you shouldn't help them by providing traceable information about yourself.

Stalkers are not funny. They really aren't.

If you get a stalker, it will likely be a male, and it will be nothing but embarrassing for you. A stalker is never gonna be a hot chick, someone you would actually bang. There is a reason why a stalker needs to hide behind anonymity. Hot chicks are too busy being hot and living a hot life.

If you are lucky, a stalker will be a fattie, but it is much more likely your stalker will be a 42-year-old insurance agent with a wife and two kids who saw your photo on the internet and tracked you down because you were careless.

Your friends assume you did something to result in having this stalker. In fact, you did nothing.

How to Deal with Stalkers

First, it is far better to avoid generating a stalker. How do you deal with stalkers once you have one? The same as dealing with police. Do not say a word. Don't say "I gotta go." Don't tell em to f-ck off. Don't tell them you are gonna kick their ass. (that's macho - and it is a reaction - they want a reaction from you.)

Just hang up with no response. Do not verbalize a word. Not one word. Don't Engage. Don't Enrage. By not giving them a reaction, a response or a fight, they don't get what they want.

This is just the downside of being hot and having admirers. Don't get scared and avoid modeling opportunities. Just do not go overboard on what you make available online. Keep your info private.

Comment from a reader...

As current grad student at a large university in Middle Tn and a hot chick who has had 5 stalkers your advice is right on about not talking to them. I have also never had another student stalk me they just say lude things and try to tell the "guys" they have screwed you when you don't even know there names. My point is watch out for restaurant workers, apartment workers, ex's, and random other drives that see you in your car. I was only able to have one stalker arrested who was caught in the act and that was great. It is mentally draining to thing of them always watching and thinking of you all the time. I tried to seek help on my campus for free counseling but they were not even prepared to help. Friends and family don't really get it either until they realize the extent of these peoples obesessions expecially if you have never even spoken to the person. It can be a very emotionally distressing crime to deal with it makes you feel helpless. The people are sick and really need a hobby to focus their obsessive behavior upon. If you think some one is hot just ask her out don't follow her around, break in to her apartment, and know everything about her except her opinion of you!!!!!

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