Platform Hamstring Slides

Differentiation: Mechanics

This variation of a Hamstring exercise is unique. Here is how: you lay on your back | instead of standing or lying on your stomach. While on your back, you slide your legs inward. This movement forces your hamstrings | to lift your body weight. Isolating this muscle increases the overall strength of your hamstrings.

Starting Position

To get into starting position, do this...

1) Obtain a towel.
2) Locate an area of the gym with ample floor space to perform the exercise.
3) Lie on your back on the floor - with your legs fully extended
4) ...and one of your heels resting on the towel.
5) Rest your arms and hands on the floor to maintain balance.

Main Mechanics

Once in starting position, do this...

1) This is the starting position.
2) Keeping your left leg straight, exhale while you slowly bending your right knee while pulling your right heel (sliding the towel) toward your butt as far as you can.
3) Hold this position for a count of one second.
4) This is the ending position.
5) Then, inhale while you slowly straighten the right knee and slide your heel (and the towel) to their original position.
6) Reverse the motion by keeping the right leg straight and sliding the left heel (and towel) toward your rear.
7) Continue reps until you have completed a full set, alternating legs for each rep.

Proper Form

Pay special attention to following proper form by...

Be sure to use an item that slides easily on the floor to avoid injuries.
Keep your leg that is not being worked remains straight.

Gear Advice

To perform this exercise, you will need ab sliders. So we have listed a link below to Dual Sided Gliding Discs Core Sliders - which you can order from Amazon dot com. You take these with you to the gym or you can perform this exercise at home.

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