Shaving Body Hair Has Become Popular For College Guys

The following advice is from Shawn Petrovich of Totally Ripped Photography, based in Los Angeles:

When we first began photographing students, we had students wear tighty whitey style underwear. We had to remind them to trim pubic hair on their inner thighs because hair would show from under the side of their briefs near their testicles. Times have changed. College guys are now accustomed to shaving their pubes and new products have been developed to cater to guys who want to be clean cut below the belt.

Shaving Has Become Popular

Recently we spoke with a friend who graduated college 10 years ago. He has been buying hookers in Vegas and Rio, who give him head. When we told him he should consider shaving the hair off his nuts to make oral sex feel better, he thought shaving was the gayest thing in the world.

Older guys are still stuck in the era of Playboys that showed centerfolds with huge bushes. When they grew up, the only hair a man shaved was on top of his head.

However, the average college student has been shaving his balls since high school.

Howard Stern frequently talks about how he shaves his nuts.

New products specifically aimed at guys who want to eliminate hair below the belt have been introduced. Phillips introduced the Philips Norelco Bodygroom Shaver aimed at guys. Mangroomer offers guys a chance to shave back hair.

Phillips ran a poster campaign for the shaver in major cities where male models were shown with what looked like graffiti drawn mustaches and unsightly body hair drawn on the posters.

Campus Men encourages guys to buy the Philips Bodygroom Shaver instead of using the type of shaver they use on their face.

Penis Appears Larger

When guys shorten pubic hair, their penis looks bigger. Shortening pubic and ball hair helps separate your penis from your testicles. Instead of one big dark blotch, other see a clearly visible penis and separate testicles.

For example, college guys who appear in Playgirl's Campus Hunks make their penis appear larger by shortening pubic hair. This is because the camera can clearly see the length of their penis because hair does not cover it.

Advantages to Shaving for Weightlifters

Most weightlifters know you need to consume a lot of protein. Excess Fat and carbs are stored by the body. However, protein is not stored. So, when a guys who lifts weights consumes 1.5 grams per body weight per day, excess protein must be eliminated. If you eat tons of protein all day, you shit a lot all day.

That excess protein - a lot of it - comes out of your ass. Since excess protein does not come out solid, it is not as easier to keep your ass clean when consuming a ton of protein.

It is also easier to keep your crack clean if you eliminate the hair on your crack.

Shaving Benefits During Sex

When you shave your balls, they become more sensitive to the touch when having sex or masturbating.

Trimming your bush and nuts also eliminates one excuse girls give you to avoid sucking dick. They can't complain that about stray hairs in their mouths if you have it tidy down there.

Lessening hair also cuts down on smell. Remember, when a girl gives head, her nose is very close to your body so it is easier to smell scents trapped in your hair.