Playgirl Magazine Wants College Students For Its Campus Hunks Issue

Playgirl Magazine's annual "Campus Hunks" issue is an excellent opportunity for male college students who are not shy and want to have a ton of fun, get massive exposure and attention from the ladies. What better reward is there for all that hard work in the gym than a pictorial of your great body for everyone to admire?

What college guy would not want to be a male sex symbol on their campus and across the USA? When you appear in Campus Hunks, you instantly create a legion of fans nationwide. Issues of Campus Hunks become collectors items. Fans and Internet bloggers follow the careers of students who appear in Campus Hunks.

Campus Hunks Acceptable Nude Modeling Job For Students

Appearing in Campus Hunks is a way for a student to leave his mark during his college experience. He can show the issue to grandkids and say "this is something I did back in school." Playgirl is an established magazine that has been around for decades. Appearing in Campus Hunks is one of the few opportunities to pose fully nude without it being considered as "porn." It is an opportunity that is not "embarrassing."


College Students auditioning for the "Campus Hunks" issue must be 18 years old and enrolled in any college or university. College guys can have an All-American look and need not look like a top fashion model. College students who are well-endowed have an especially good chance of being chosen as a Campus Hunk.

What a Campus Hunk Can Expect

So, what can a college student expect if he gets chosen to appear in a Campus Hunks issue? "Campus Hunks" is published each November, but photographed during the previous May. The past college guys who were chosen as Campus Hunks were paid $500 or more per day for two days of posing for the magazine. There is no deadline to apply, but positions fill up quickly. So, the earlier, the better. It is not unusual to submit a video bio and snapshots to the magazine several months in advance. Every issue shows college guys both dressed and totally nude, and you should expect to be photographed with a full erection.

Campus Hunks 2004

Five college guys appear in this Campus Hunks issue. The magazine spread opens with a sexy teacher seducing each college guy suggestively in a classroom. The teacher feeds the college guy who is called "The stoner" a twinkie. Then in chapter two, the college guys drive a jeep out in the desert. The "Jock" is shown on a rustic diner stairway with an erection. The "Brain" is depicted on a bed with map and on a sofa. The "Jock" appears nude again lurching back in a chair and against a fence. The "rebel" is shot in a tent scene and in a backroom urinal, with his bar butt seen from behind. The "Hipster" is shown poolside, with his erect penis in his hand. Then he is shown naked on a red diner booth. The spread ends with all five college guys mooning atop the jeep with a Campus Hunks license plate seen on the back of the jeep.

Campus Hunks 2002

The spread in the 2002 issue of Campus Hunks was called "Paradise and Adventure with Our Campus Hunks," and includes four college guys. The spread begins with the four guys playing tug of war. Two guys have girls riding atop their shoulders while the other two college guys pull their pants down. Then the guys run with a girl and pull off her bikini top. The student from Adirondack Community College is shown standing in a doorway and on the beach with an erection. The Okanagan University College student is shown riding a tire swing naked and then laying in the surf nude with a female. The San Francisco State University student is shown nude in a cave. The student from Dalton College is shown nude laying in the grass and then nude making out with a female in a chair while another couple looks on.

Campus Hunks 2001

This issue comes as a special pull-out section with a collegiate theme. The cover shows five college students nude with notebooks in from on their crotches. The student from Edison Community College is shown holding his penis against a tiki bar. The student form University of St. Thomas lays nude on a pool table. The Fresno State student is shown reaching down his Fresno State shorts and then later nude in the shadows. A student from Grossmont College is also holding his penis inside of his shorts and then later nude against a tree. The Florida State student pulls his shorts down while holding a football and then nude on a dock. There are also several group shots showing all five guys in the pool and washing a car. The spread ends with the five nude college guys throwing graduation caps in the air so you can see their buttocks from behind.

Campus Hunks 2000

Once again, the spread is in a special pull-out section with a collegiate theme. The cover of this section shows a group photo of all five guys nude, holding basketballs and footballs in front of their penises. The George Mason University student is shown with an erection in a chair on a balcony, then sprays himself down in a pool area. The San Diego State guy is photographed nude on a large inner tube in a pool. A student from Cabrillo City College is shown tossing a football nude in the grass. A San Diego City College student is shown playing Nintendo on a sofa with an erection and also playing pool. A Fresno City Community College guy is shown nude in a library setting. Then there is a fun centerfold showing each guy as a nude waiter, nude lawn boy, nude cop, naked pizza delivery boy and erect bartender. There is also a group photo of the five students looking behind, showing their bare asses.

Campus Hunks 1999

Another pull-out section, with five nude guys on the cover holding old style portfolio notebooks in front of their penises. A student from Hofstra University is shown nude poolside with an erection. The Athens State University guy climbs rocks in the nude. A Mt. San Jacinto Junior College student lifts weight nude and lays erect in a hammock pouring a water bottle on his belly button. The guy form Ohio University is nude on the stairs with textbooks. A student from San Diego Mesa College is propped nude on a car with the hood open. Then a spread showing a fun "anatomy lesson" showing body parts (biceps, gluteus maximus, abs, back, penis) closes the spread.

Types of Snapshots to Submit

Follow these instructions for how to create male modeling audition photos and which poses to capture. Playgirl asks for a variety of snapshots in different poses, mostly with an erect penis. They also require a head shot, so you cannot shoot a bunch of faceless nude photos without including at least one photo that clearly shows your face.


Include the following measurements with your audition photos. Read this article on how to measure your body.

Chest size:
Waist size:
Penis Length:
Eye Color:
Hair Color: