Free Workout Program

This free workout program contains a diet plan and workouts for 4 days. This program is a 4 Day Training Split workout - meaning the program is divided into 4 days, allowing you to take 3 days off from lifting weights. You lift weights on 4 days and can train calves and abs and do cardio execise during the 3 days you are not lifting weights.

This free workout program uses redundancy - which means some muscle groups get trained multiple time during the 4 days - because some exercises require multiple muscles to preform the exercise.

To be successful with this workout program, you must train to failure.

Workout Program By Day

Ab Workout Program

  • Reverse Ab Crunch
  • Bench Press Crunch
  • Recommended Diet Plan for this Workout Program

    Muscle Building Diet from a Personal Trainer

    How to Use This Free Workout Program

    How to Bulk Up

    Calve Training

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