Jason Bevier
at Campus Men

Jason Bevier's Involvement in Personal Training

Interview Questions

When did you first get started in Personal Training?

I have been helping friends and family for years to achieve fitness goals but it was not until a year ago that I actually became certified and doing it as a actual career.

Something surprising about Personal Training that people would not know.

You build such a personal relationship with some of your clients that you become involved in thier lives more than just giving them a great workout. One lady I train I actually cook for also.

What is Personal Training like?

Very rewarding. If you love to workout then it is for you. I get paid to workout and help others workout and achieve their goals.

Tell your Fans a funny or interesting story about Personal Training

I have been working with this one guy who had a stroke. He has been in a wheel chair for years. Since i have been working with him he is now riding a bike, lost almost 100 pounds, and lifting weights, something he never thought possible in the past. Like I said before this job is very rewarding. i love to help people.