When Male Models Need to Be Naked In Public, Make it Quick

By Shawn Petrovich of Totally Ripped of Los Angeles, which specializes in photography and video of fitness models.

Sometimes a model may want to pose nude, but an outdoor location is best for the background.

If your photo shoot is held outdoors, it is unlikely it will be held on a deserted island. It is nearly impossible to assure absolute privacy at outdoor photo shoots.

Shoots attract the attention of people walking by because people do not see a photo shoot occur everyday. Photo shoots are like a car wreck. People must stop and watch.

So, here is what you do when posing nude outside...

First, Nudity only becomes a problem when a bystander complains, so schedule the shoot for a time when people will not be around - usually the early morning. This means a model may need to get up very early and go to bed early the night prior to his shoot. Read why sleep is important. At group photo shoots, other models who are waiting to be photographed can hold light reflector boards to block bystanders' view of the model. It is better to subtly encourage bystanders to leave.

Second, limit the amount of time the model is unclothed to the actual picture-taking. Stand nude for the entire hour-long shoot and the police will be called.

A photo shoot may last an hour or more, but the model does not need to be undressed during this entire time. By getting undressed only when necessary, the photo shoot can be completed before any bystanders notices.

Before picture-taking can begin, lighting and props must be set up, the model's makeup and hair needs styled and the best camera angle must be found. The model does not need to be undressed during this preparation time.

Wearing Loose-Fitting Shorts Until Ready

So, the model wears loose-fitting shorts - cut off medical scrub pants are best - while waiting. Once ready, the model drops his shorts to his ankles and picture-taking begins.

What you do not see in this photo is the model's shorts at his ankles.

All photos can be captured in a few minutes. Then the model pulls his shorts up once the shots are completed. 

It is key to choose loose fitting shorts that do not have an elastic band. Elastic waistbands can leave impressions on hips that will show in photos. Photographers have been forced to wait while assistants rubbed impressions from elastic out of a model's skin. Elastic waistbands are bad! The best type of shorts for this are hospital scrubs.

Examples of College Guys Who Found Themselves Totally Nude Outdoors

Nightime in Front of a Stadium

Tony was photographed nude on the roof of his car in front of a campus stadium. It took four sessions on four nights before the technically challenging latenight photographed was done right.

"When police drove past us at about 3 a.m. during the first session, Tony frantically put on his shorts," Sean said. "They didn't seem to care what we were doing and drove by at each of the next three sessions. They probably said: there are those nuts again!"

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