Gain Muscle Weight

Really what I worked on in my gain phase was I eat a lot of sweet potatoes, brown rice and oatmeal. Those are the three best low glycemic carbohydrates that do not raise your insulin levels to put on body fat, you're going to put on a little bit of body fat when you're gaining weight. That's just the way it works.

But if you're not eating white sugar, breads, the bad carbohydrates, which I do cheat with those on the weekends occasionally to get a bigger pump on during the other week. But, I'll eat lots, I'll eat oatmeal and eggs for breakfast, usually have some sort of protein or whatnot in the afternoon, then I'll have brown rice and a sweet potato and some type of chicken for lunch and then do another, Muscle Milk or some type of protein in the afternoon again.

Then do an additional like beef or whatnot for dinner time, and the same type of low glycemic carbohydrates. then I try to do something before bed also with my creatine also. Which allowed me to go from 170 to about 220 in eight months.

I definitely have two wardrobes in my house. When I weigh 175, my waistline is about 29.5 inches, where when I weight 220, my waistline is about 34. My wife makes fun of me all the time because my butt gets so big and my legs get big. But in reality, to push the kind of weight to achieve the testosterone gain so I can get more muscle, I do believe that I wear baggy clothes anyways, but I do wear a 36, 38 in my gain phase. Which is pretty funny, but to support that kind of muscle mass, I'd feel I need more fat around my joints and to not feel so structured from a getting lean standpoint, is to train and have fun and eat and grow.

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