How Much Carbs?

The important thing for a lean body diet is that you have an overall reduction in the percent of calories from carbohydrate sources. To get Totally Shredded, you need your carbs to be low.

A range of anywhere from 15-40 percent carbohydrate is ideal, depending on the individual. Some will loose fat at a dizzying pace on 40 percent carbs, while others will only do well on a very low carbohydrate diet.

A good approach is to start on the lower end to jumpstart your fat-burning machinery and then to slowly increase carbohydrate intake as you become more insulin sensitive.

(Obtainin a custom-designed approach from a good personal trainer who is also an expert in nutrition would be a good idea. Dieting is a very individual matter. Who has time for trial and error?)

As an example, we will assume that we want to eat 30 percent of our calories from carbs. If you have been following the typical low-fat diet, this will be a significant reduction.

Like protein, carbohydrates have 4 kcal/gram, so we do a similar calculation as we did for protein:

  • 30 percent calories from carbs = (0.30 x 2500) = 750 calories.

  • (750 calories) / (4 kcal/gram) = ~ 188 g of carbs.

According to our calculations above, we need 188 g of (low glycemic) carbohydrates to satisfy our 30 percent carbohydrate requirement.

Last but not least, we need to calculate how much fat to eat per day.

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