Flexing Muscle

By Aaron Martin, a student at University of Wisconsin-Stout.

If you will pose shirtless for a photo shoot, flexing your muscles is important. You want your muscles to look their largest on film.

Here you see a male model's arm. Now you can see more definition can be seen when he flexes his tricep.

Do Not Workout Heavy Before Shoot

Models should not workout heavily before a photo shoot. photo shoots can last hours. A model can't expect to obtain an optimum pump during for several hours if they already worked their muscles to exhaustion.

Here is why: Muscles need time to recover. Have your muscles ever felt flat and fatigued hours after being really pumped? This is because your muscles lost glycogen. Glycogen is responsible for the pump in the muscle. Lifting heavily to failure will expel muscle glycogen. Glycogen needs to be in the muscle to obtain a full pump.

Your muscles will refuse to be pumped during a long photo shoot if you do a really tough, exhausting workout before arriving.

The trick is to lift just enough prior to stepping in front of the camera so that the glycogen in the muscle is not totally spent.  

How to Flex

The best method is to work in the higher reps (12 plus reps) prior to stepping in front of the camera. Time your routine so that is ends three minutes before you step in front of the camera.

There will be several breaks during the day. You do reps without going to failure during these breaks. Once again, if you lift too intensely, your glycogen in the muscle will be low. You will not obtain the best pump.  

During a long shoot, make sure you inform a photographer if you need time to return poses return your muscles to their biggest pump. An inexperienced photographer may not know you are able to make your muscles appear larger if given time to pump up.

So, you need an on-location routine for the studio.

Routine for Photo Shoots

Bring dumbbells with you to perform bicep curls. Use simple bodyweight resistance exercises such as push ups.

If you do not have dumbells available for bicep curls, get a crew member to hold down the ends of a towel while you curl the middle of the towel.

For long shots, it is also a wise idea to bring carbohydrate snacks with you to help keep your muscles filled with glycogen.

Supplements such as nitric oxide and amino acids as well as carbohydrates and insulin also play a big role in obtaining and retaining a pump.

The process of flexing different muscle groups in front of the camera can also produce a good pump.

Remember, your goal during your photo shoot is to bring out the pump without going to exhaustion. This allows your muscles to maintain a fuller look during the many hours of a photo shoot.

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