Most Popular Underwear Blogs

Underwear Blogs are usually the first to hear about upcoming underwear model contests and keep up with trends on the newest underwear ad campaigns and new or aspiring underwear models. Here are a list of the most popular Underwear Blogs:

Getting "Underwear Bloggers" to Highlight an Aspiring Underwear Model is the Secret to Getting Started as an Underwear Model

Most guys think they must locate modeling professionals or underwear brands to get started as an underwear model. They overlook the promotional power available by being noticed by influential bloggers. They also overlook the importance to getting noticed by "nobodys" in the public and people who have nothing to do with underwear modeling.

You can't afford to have your own publicist, so act as your own publicity machine.

Here is how to generate publicity among the people who count: Underwear Bloggers. These influential bloggers have tens of thousands of readers each day.

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But these bloggers will not know about you if you do not tell them. So, after you have created a Campus Men profile and uploaded your first photos in which you wear underwear, be sure to contact these influential bloggers and ask if they will consider "highlighting" you on their blog. That is the way for real publicity!

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