Visiting in Los Angeles for Spring Break

If you are dedicated to your modeling career, it is more important to spend your breaks from college classes in Los Angeles pursuing your career than in Florida or Mexico. Remember, Los Angeles is fun too, but your typical Spring Break spot is not going to help your career. Being located in a major city like Los Angeles can. College guys can use their week during Spring Break to prepare for a longer, three month experience during a Summer.

Fitness Modeling Capital of the World

Southern California has been called the fitness capital of the world. Aspiring male fitness models get to know fitness industry professionals simply by being around Venice (a beachside suburb of Los Angeles) and lifting weights at Gold's Gym Venice, the temple in the mecca of bodybuilding. Founded by bodybuilder and entrepreneur Joe Gold in 1965, it is where the original home in Venice is where the fitness revolution began, where Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno trained.

"People from all over visit it as if it were a sacred place," says bodybuilder, actor, and Gold's Gym member Roland Kickinger. A Campus Men became a fitness trainer at Sports Club/LA, the top health club in Los Angeles.

By being in Los Angeles, you can network in the fitness industry. Read about career networking for male models.

Obtaining Background Acting Roles in LA

You can spend your Spring Break and/or Summer term in Los Angeles pursuing Model Jobs, acting jobs or by earning money as background actors for TV shows.

Hotter Women in Hollywood than Cancun

You may be able to buy buckets of beer for a lot less money in Cancun, but Los Angeles has hotter women. There are many girls who come to LA to become actresses and they go out to LA night clubs at night. So, spending Spring Break in LA offers a chance to meet these women at night. Cancun versus Hollywood: you be the judge.

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