Your Job

If you receive a call for a modeling job, you need to stress that you are available. Do not mention your need to ask your boss for time off work.

Asking a boss is not something other male models discuss. So, you instantly give the person a reason not to hire you by bringing up this issue.

Remember, a professional dealing with organizing a million dollar advertising campaign doesn't give a shit about your job at Target. And why should he? If you are 22, you likely will have several different jobs before you reach 30, and making sure someone covers the 11am to 5pm shift next Saturday is simply not important to a busy photographer holding a list of eight male models who want the job.

Yes, you need to earn money to pay your bills and rent in your hometown, but you want to become a model. Doing that means being available - and most likely means your will need to travel. So, you are faced with a problem you need to resolve because there are tons of other guys who would easily make themselves avalable.

Remember, your boss at your job is motivated to keep his shifts covered. Your modeling career really isn't important to him. Changing a schedule that he spent two hours preparing means you are creating more work for him - something other employees do not do. Additionally, if you have a male boss, he may resent all the pussy that you get as a hot guy.

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