Travel for Modeling Jobs is Not a Vacation - Be Professional

Your goal in traveling for a photo shoot is to network with industry professionals and obtain excellent photos. Traveling does not mean you get a vacation and bring friends. So, get yourself to the photographer's city and do not treat your trip as a vacation. Avoid wasting time on bringing friends and girlfriends. Just get to the photographer's city and go home. You can plan vacations later. Read our tips on how to travel for a photo shoot.

Most photographers are too busy trying to "make it" (succeed) in the business to pull shady shit with models. They are too busy dealing with ad agency deadlines, trying to arrange for complicated and expensive photo shoots. They are delighted to have found YOU - a male model - who is willing to give them what they want professionally.

Girlfriends Should Not Travel With Models to Modeling Jobs

If you must travel to another city to shoot a photograph, it is tremendously unprofessional to ask the casting agent or photographer if you can bring your girlfriend along. Bringing a girlfriend is worst than bringing a parent. Even if you travel to the city with her, you risk the chance of making the booker think you consider their production as a chance to take a vacation with your girlfriend.

Remember, the casting agent can always give your modeling job to a different guy who is more independent and doesn't ask something as careless and troublesome as asking to bring his girlfriend.

If you truly want to bring someone, it would be far better to bring a male friend who has modeling potential and to not mention this to the casting agent. Several situations have occurred where a guy brings a buddy - and the buddy gets also booked to model.

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