Successful Male Models Don't Involve Parents In Modeling Jobs

By Shawn Petrovich of Totally Ripped of Los Angeles, which specializes in photography and video of fitness models.

Parents are often a good source for advice on how to buy a car or house, or career direction, because they have experience and can give advice that can keep you from getting ripped off. However, there is one major mismatch when it comes to modeling: Parents lack any experience dealing with male modeling and do not know how the industry works.

Someone who has not had involvement in the modeling industry does not know the unique needs required by this particular industry.

Parents Should Never Contact a Modeling Professional

By involving your parents, you fail to remember that you have competition. There are many other aspiring male models who do not having their parents phone to "check things out." You instantly become a pain in the ass and greatly decrease your chance of being selected. ...Because a decision maker will simply choose another guy. If your parents have concerns or questions, you should ask these questions, not put your parents on the phone!

Often a guy will research an opportunity, read multiple pages on websites, learn much about modeling. Then, parents will phone a modeling opportunity without even visiting the opportunity's website. The get on the phone and demand "Tell me what this is all about."

Busy professionals do not have time to explain their operation to your parents from scratch. If hundreds of hours has been committed to offering information on a website, imagine how outrageous it is for a parent to phone without even visiting a website to obtain background info!

Its OK for your parents to have concerns, just don't involve your parents in the communication process. If your parents have questions, you should obtain the answers to their questions from the professional.

Get your parents concerns addressed, but do not have them contact the modeling opportunity. If you are in college, it is your time to be a big boy and not let mommy handle things.

Instead, Talk to other Guys Who Are Models

Listen to advice from other guys who have become successfully in male modeling. These guys are experienced and unbiased. An experienced guy has already walked in your shoes and has previously modeled in the way you are considering. Read how it is important to get to know other male models.

This is a chance for you to learn from them. Who are their favorite photographers? How did they get successful?

Small Town Attitude

A "small town attitude" has no place in the professional modeling. What works in your hometown will not work with a big time opportunity.

Yes, there are many people in male modeling who enjoy taking advantage of new guys entering their industry. It is best to follow your gut instinct. If something does not seem "right" to you, take precautions and double check what is being promised. But do not have your parents phone anyone.

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