Photos Good Enough For Brad Pitt Are Good Enough For You

By Shawn Petrovich of Totally Ripped of Los Angeles, which specializes in photography and video of fitness models.

If Brad Pitt can show his ass in photos, it can be cool for an aspiring male model to show his gluts, too. Brad Pitt posed for a photo spread in W Magazine in which he shows his bare ass in two centerfold spreads. Pitt has also shown his bare butt in several movies.

Being Successful

One way Campus Men suggests to get attention and exposure to bring success to your modeling career is to show a little skin. However, it is not enough to get undressed for just any photographer. It is crucial to work with the right photographer.

Campus Men might encourage you to show your ass, but only under the right circumstances for your career, and it is highly unlikely those circumstances will pop-up in your hometown.

One photographer can photograph you showing your ass and make you look stupid. A better photographer can have your show your cheeks, but make you look cool like Brad Pitt.

The important difference between an aspiring male model and Brad Pitt. High quality photographers are available to Brad Pitt. Instead of choosing the best photographer available, regardless of location, the average college guy looks for a photographer who is geographically convenient to him - one located in his hometown. Photographers should be chosen based on the quality of photos they shoot.

The right photographer will most likely not be located in Dayton Ohio or Tyler, Texas or your hometown. The right photographer will most likely be based in a big city such as Los Angeles, New York or Miami. So, get your glutes to a big city and shoot with a photographer if you want to show them.

Where Photos Published Matters

Where your photographs are published effects the "coolness," too. Sometimes new models want photos for their modeling portfolio. These photos do not get published anywhere. If the photos will be published, a new model needs to control the place in which the photos will appear.

Brad Pitt's naked ass pics appeared in W Magazine, a famous women's fashion magazine. Millions of people read that magazine and it is a cool publication to appear in. The same photos appearing in a cheesy magazine will not look cool. Excellent photos become trashy when they appear in a trashy magazine. So, guys showing their bare ass need to negotiate a model release to control where their photos will be published.