Successful Top Male Models Located in Big Cities

Guys who are located outside of a major modeling market (Los Angeles or New York) must work harder than guys who live in a big city. To be truly successful as a male model, you need to move to a big city.

Big Cities Offer Chance to Work With Top Photographers

All the big deals in male modeling are based in big cities, not in your hometown. If you do not live in a large city with a major modeling market, modeling agencies that are located in your hometown will be vastly different from the modeling agencies located in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago or Miami - agencies that can propel your career nationally.

It is often easier for a guy with large muscles to get the attention of a photographer who receives work from advertising agencies. However, such a photographer will likely be located in a large city. For example, underwear manufacturers do not hire male models in Boise, Idaho.

Big Cities Offer Chance to Network with Other Models

It helps to become friends with other male models and meet useful professional contacts within the modeling industry. More models and professional modeling contacts will be located in big cities.

Obtain Photos in Big City, not Hometown

If you want to model or act in a big city, you need photos or a headshot from a photographer in that same big city. If you want to act in Chicago, get a Chicago" headshot created by a Chicago photographer. If you want to move to LA, get a headshot done in LA. These photographers in these cities are constantly photographing models and know what casting directors in their city want.

Big Cities Change Conservative Guys

Many college guys who begin modeling with a conservative attitude toward posing end up posing for the most provocative poses after they work in the modeling industry for a year or more. They learn how the business operates, get more comfortable appearing on film and showing off their bodies, and give up their small town ideas.

Visit During Break if Cannot Move

If you are not able to move permanently to a big city like Los Angeles, we encourage you to spend your summer break in Los Angeles pursuing modeling or acting jobs. You are not likely going to be guaranteed an opportunity before you leave for Los Angeles for the summer. But, you can set up initial networking (with agencies, photographers and male models) through the Internet. Then, visit modeling agencies open calls once you arrive in Los Angeles.

The best way to adopt a Big City Attitude is to be in a big city.

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