What To Say in a Biography Video

What you choose to say in your video is up to you. The video on this page shows examples of what other students said. Make sure people can hear what you are saying. This means, no loud music and your camcorder's microphone needs to be able to "hear" your voice. Record a short test video first and play it back to make sure it is OK.

Other than making sure there is enough light, there are no rules on what you should do or say in your video bio. Some guys give their opinions. Others tell about their hobbies. Some students do something funny on their video bio. We like funny. This is a fun project, so do not be too serious! If you need help, you can answer any of these suggested interview questions (Microsoft Word file). Skip questions you do not like or make up your own.

Say The Basics, then Say Whatever You Want

Start by saying your name, college and age. One trick to get started is to pretend you are talking to the girls watching your video. "Hello ladies!" and then go from there.

Then, you can either:

Tell people about yourself -

Tell (or show) people about a hobby or your interests

Show your life's everyday moments

Tell us what you think about something (anything)

Don't Be Too Serious

Don't make your video too professional or serious! A video bio is meant to show your personality. Guys who don't take this stuff too seriously make more watchable videos. Don't make yourself out to be what you are not.

Being Funny or Crazy is Good

Girls love guys who are unique. Now is the time to express your unique personality. We don't care what you say or do as long as you appear in front of the camcorder. Get crazy. You only attend college once, so feel free to be as funny as you want. There are no rules. We like jackass videos, too.

Think of the funniest thing about you and include (or show) it somehow in your video.

What Not To Say

Please do not say "You should choose me." This is not an audition video. Don't send us any footage that you would not want the world to view. Don't talk about the time you cheated on your girlfriend on Spring Break in Cancun if you do not want your girlfriend to know that. Privacy is that simple. Be sure to read our tips on privacy.


Keep Your Video Simple

Some guys wrongly assume their video bio needs to be perfect. Keep your video bio simple. Don't try to create a masterpiece. Don't try different angles and zooms. Just keep the video angle the same and stable. Don't use the camcorder's special effects. It is much more important to assure that the room is well-lighted and your voice is loud enough on video than to try to make a fancy video.

This video is only your first, so don't try to make it perfect. Later videos will be a lot better.

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