Choosing the best way to become famous

By Vicky Phipps, a graduate of The Ohio State University.

When first starting out in your industry, you will not be offered the types of opportunities that will make you rich. Different kinds of exposure have different "exposure" value to you. So, you need to choose wisely. One factor to consider is the number of people who will see you. Some opportunities will allow you to be seen by thousands of people - and can propel your career and help you build name recognition. Students who Create a Campus Men profile know the value of being seen by a lot of people.

Don't always accept every opportunity that is offered to you. Decide where to commit your time. Some opportunities will just waste your time - and cause you to lose money from taking time off work. When making a choice between two different opportunities, ask these questions about the activity:

Distribution: Ask how many people will see you. More importantly, how many industry professionals will see you?
Time: How long will the public see you?
Payment: Usually you will not be paid - or will be paid very little. This is normal for new people.
Promoting You: Will the public see your name?

If you agree to do a low paying opportunity, is there a real chance some industry professional will see you? Exposure is worthless without an ability to generate paying opportunities later. Will a professional be able to get in contact with you if he wants to hire you - or will he at least be able to know your name?

How Many People Will See You?

Let's say there are 3 amateur filmmakers in your hometown. Tom is married, with kids and is making a film in his spare time. Rick is about to graduate college and will move to Hollywood after college. Josh plans on entering his film in several film festivals.

Since time required to appear in a film is substantial, you likely can only be able to appear in one film at a time. Which of the three films will offer you more exposure?

The simple fact is that Tom may never finish his film. He has family obligations that the other filmmakers do not have. While you are waiting for your film to be finished edited, he is dealing with the kids' flu or the wife's needs. (Appearing in a film that sits in someone's basement and is never seen offers no benefit to you career.)

Rick is going places. The simple fact that Rick will soon be located in a big city invariably means he will receive more opportunities to show his film than any filmmaker in your hometown. Professionals will see his film and therefore will see you.

Josh's film may or may not help your career - depending on the quality of his film. If the film is good, it will gain the attention of people at the film festivals and receive opportunities for more distribution. If it is unwatchable, appearing in the film will be a waste of your time. However, Josh has already shown an understanding of marketing. How to decide if a film is good? Show a copy of the script to a friend and get their brutal honesty.

How Long Will You Be Seen?

Another factor is length of time you will be seen. Obviously appearing in a photo that is printed in a program passed out at a one-time event attended by 200 people will not be seen by as many people as an advertisement in a monthly magazine that is distributed to 100,000 people.

Opportunity Costs

Surprisingly, it is common for it to cost new people money to participate in an opportunity. This is not because you pay money directly. This is because you will likely need to take off work from your job to participate. It is common to not be paid as much as the amount you loose from taking off work! So, if you are not paid for your participation, it costs you to accept the opportunity. This is called "opportunity cost." If you lose money by participating, choose which opportunities you accept wisely.

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