Transforms Swimmers into Paid Video SpokesModels

We are looking for current and former Swimmers who are not camera shy and want to help beginner Swimmers buy the right training gear and improve their athletic performance through “video buying guides” and real-life video demonstrations.

This is your chance to show off your elite skills, become a trusted authority and possibly launch a coaching or fitness training career.

Are You Qualified?

You are qualified if...

You are a US or Canadian college student who has ever played on a team in high school or college.

You are familiar with gear and training aids needed for your sport.

You have moderate writing skills

You live within driving distance of one of the 15 campuses we will visit.

No on-camera experience required.

Benefits to You...
  • Get paid per topic you choose
  • Get respected as an authority in your sport
  • Build a nationwide following
  • Add to your resume
  • Improve your writing skills

What is a Spokesmodel?

A Campus Men Spokesmodel is a male college student who has played on a swimming team and appears in our informative “Buying Guide” videos that discuss swimming gear.

Most spokesmodels speak on camera, following a written version of the topic. This requires memorizing dialogue. For some topics, spokesmodels do not talk, and instead physically demonstrate how to do a topic, while an announcer talks off-camera.

Here is what is different with our program: You do not film yourself. After you meet our topic quantity requirements, our professional staff films you with our pro cameras, microphones and lights.

How You Earn Money

We pay you twice for each topic you choose, and at different times. Here is how payments work:

Before becoming eligible to be invited to participate in a video shoot, we will pay you to use our Self-Publishing Tool to tell us what you know about several swimming training topics. You do this from your home. We will send you a check through the U.S. Mail each week for using our tool.

Then, after you complete 20 topics, you become eligible to be invited to attend a video shoot. We schedule an all-day video shoot to translate the text you previously submitted using our Self-Publishing Tool into professional-quality videos. If a shoot is held, the second payment you receive is paid to you at that shoot.

The tool is easy to use and will guide you through discussing a single topic in 5-10 minutes. The tool asks you to describe how to "do" your topic in sequential steps, suggest gear, products or equipment that might help your audience. Our tool generates a written version of the video you will later film!

Example Earnings for Completing 10 Topics at Our Shoot

In the example below, the athlete would get paid $120 plus $420 = $540.

Example Topic Pre-Shoot* at Video Shoot
How to Choose Swimming Training Equipment $11.00 $27.5
How to Develop Swimming Flip Turn Technique $11.00 $27.5
How to Develop Swimming Stroke Technique $11.00 $27.5
How to Do Backstroke Swimming Drills $11.00 $27.5
How to Do Breaststroke Swimming Drills $11.00 $27.5
How to Do Lap Swimming Workouts $11.00 $27.5
How to Do Swimming Butterfly Drills $11.00 $27.5
How to Do Swimming Taper Workouts $11.00 $27.5
How To Get a Swimmer Body $8.00 $20
How To Learn Swimming Breathing Techniques $8.00 $20
10 Topics $120 Before the shoot $420 at the shoot
20 Topics $240 Before the shoot $840 at the shoot

* You receive the Pre-shoot payment for telling us what you know about the topic using our site's “Self-Publishing Tool.” You do this from your home.

What Will You Wear?

All Swimmers appearing in our videos wear a shirt displaying the Campus Men™ logo. You can choose to wear a golf shirt, tank top or "Under Armour" style sleeveless shirt. You get to take this shirt home with you.

What Are Videos About?

Our short, one to two-minute videos fall into two categories:

You will show different gear used by athletes in your sport on camera and explain their pros and cons and how to make a good buying decision.

Others will explain swimming fundamentals to newbies.

We avoid topics that involve moving across a distance or those that require more than one person to demonstrate.

For example, we shy away from filming an athlete running across a field, tackling another player in football, or pinning an opponent in wrestling.

Offering highly useful tips is important to us. That is where you come in. We want our audience to learn what you know about your sport.

You Select Topics You Know

Our current priorities are topics that involve gear that is currently available for the viewer to purchase online.

As a Campus Men Spokesmodel, you can choose from 3,000 very-specific, informative performance-related topics that are popular with athletes, and a smaller number with beginner Swimmers. Categories include Athletic Training, Athletic Gear Buying, and Sports Coaching and Team Management. Choose topics that fit your expertise and comfort level.

Examples: A wrestler might select, "How To Buy a Wrestling Mouth Guard." A rower might choose "How To Buy Oar Leathers.” A Swimming Player might select, "How To Buy a Swimming Ankle Guard.” A swimming player may choose, "How To Choose Rugby Stringing Kits."

“Buying Guide videos” will be filmed at your first video shoot. Once all buying guide videos are filmed, Swimming Spokemodels can film other topics, such as Swimming Training Fundamentals topics.

View Available Topics

Locations of Video Shoots

Shoots are Held Near These 15 Possible Locations
  • Arizona State University (Tempe, AZ)
  • Ohio State University (Columbus, OH)
  • Texas A&M University - College Station (College Station, TX)
  • University of Florida (Gainesville, FL)
  • Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI)
  • Indiana University Bloomington (Bloomington, IN)
  • Pennsylvania State University - University Park (University Park, PA)
  • University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (Minneapolis, MN)
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Champaign, IL)
  • University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (Ann Arbor, MI)
  • University of Wisconsin - Madison (Madison, WI)
  • Purdue University - West Lafayette (West Lafayette, IN)
  • Iowa State University (Ames, IA)
  • University of Missouri - Columbia (Columbia, MO)
  • Kansas State University (Manhattan, KS)

Benefits To You

Get Paid Twice Per Topic

We pay you regularly for using our Self-Publishing-Tool to tell us what your know about a topic. If you complete five topics per week, you can earn up to $300 per month. Later, by attending one of our video shoots, you will be additionally paid for appearing in video versions of these same topics (which we film). Up to $420 for a single day shoot and up to $840 for a two-day video shoot.

Build a Nationwide Following

You can build an audience of followers through your relationship with us. We want parents and new Swimmers to come to our site, thinking "[Your name] really knows his stuff." Keep adding more and more topics to bring them back to

Improve Your Communication Skills

By working with us, we hope you will become a better communicator. Working with us requires translating your knowledge into written word through our Self-Publishing Tool. (More Details). Our editors will review each topic you submit and request more improvements - to encourage you to include ample details about your topic, to mention specific brand names and products, equipment and gear. You have a chance to get better at writing with us.

Video Shoots Are Fun

Imagine being part of a professional video shoot: professional lights and microphones, working with a pro hair stylist and video cameramen, all while showing off your elite skills. The result will be excellent-quality videos which are seen by students across the USA and help you build your credibility as an "authority" in your sport. Hear what students say about participating in our shoots.

Looking Good

You will look good and sound professional in our videos. Afterward, your parents, friends and everyone on campus can watch your professional-quality videos online. Potential employers should be impressed, too.

Free Pro Headshot

During the shoot, you will receive a free professional headshot photo that you can use anywhere and on any site.

Get Started Today!

To be considered as a Campus Men Spokesmodel, click “Become a Spokesmodel” after Registering.

Then choose one of the available topics listed under “Swimming Gear” in our “Athletic Gear Buying” category. (These are shown in our list of available topics.) Then, detail what you know about that topic using our Self-Publishing Tool. (We compensate you for using our “Self-Publishing Tool” after we approve what you submitted and may request that you improve your submission. You must make changes to your topic before we will compensate you.)

How it Works...
  • Choose an “Athletic Gear Buying” topic
  • Use Our Self-Service Publishing Tool
  • We review your first topic
  • Edit your topic to improve it, if requested
  • Submit 20 Topics
  • Get Paid up to $280 via US Mail
  • Attend Video shoot (if invited)
  • Get paid a second time at the shoot
  • Become a little Famous!
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To read more details on our program, click on the detail categories below on this page.

More Details!

  • Our Process

    When we create a professional video, there is a lot more preparation than you may be accustomed to when shooting your own videos with your phone! Preparing for a professional video shoot involves planning and memorizing, not just an ability to move. We don't just show up and press the record button.

    This is because video editing time is costly. The more organized a shoot, the less "takes," mistakes, starts and stops will be needed. Less time will be needed in the editing studio.

    Plus, with pre-planning, we can edit and publish your videos faster. Being organized also makes the resulting video shorter and more watchable.

    Planning is Key to Quality

    Shoots are pre-planned weeks before you meet us at the shoot. Although the topic of your videos may involve something you have done a million times, you do not step in front of the camera without a written version of the topic that will be filmed on video.

    We Use Your Self-Publishing Tool Submission to Plan Your Video

    We require our Self-Publishing Tool to be completed (beforehand) for each and every topic planned for the day's shoot.

    We do not expect you to be a professional writer, but you know your sport! So. we need you to "unload" all you can tell us about your topic into our Self-Publishing Tool.

    We use the details you added using our Self-Publishing Tool as a starting point for our planning process.

    We go through each topic you completed, to assure gear and anything you will show to the camera is available. We pre-plan close-up shots and camera angles.

    Let's say 10 topics will be filmed during a day 1 of your shoot and 10 during day 2. You must have added those 20 topics using our Self-Publishing Tool before your shoot is scheduled.

    We Film 10 Topics Per Athlete/Per Shoot Day

    It takes time to set up cameras, microphones and lights. Locations must be secured. We need to complete a minimum number of videos each time equipment is unloaded and set-up. Our goal is to film 10 topics per day. If airline travel is required, your shoot will last two days and 20 topics will be filmed. (Ten topics each day, filmed during two days).

    Some Topics Not Eligible For Video Shoots

    You will get paid for every topic you complete using our Self-Publishing Tool (that is not plagiarized and meets our minimum quality standards) but not every topic available in our Self-Publishing Tool is eligible to be made into a video. We tend to choose topics that involve gear, do not involve a lot of movement across a distance and which only require one student on camera. For example, we shy away from filming running across a field or a wrestling move involving pinning another person. If you only want to choose topics that can be made into videos, only choose topics that show a rate for Video in our topic list.

  • Basic Writing Skills Required

    You must have basic writing skills to participate, but we do not expect you to be a professional writer. Read our process (above) to understand why. You know your sport. Our editors do not know "how to throw a swimming spiral" or do a "full-nelson move." So, we need you to "unload" all you can tell us about your topic into the Self-Publishing Tool.

    Our "Self-Publishing Tool" is very easy to use if you are familiar with the topic! However, you can get help from a friend, coach, or instructor. The text you submit must be original and must not be copied from other websites.

    Professional Editors Help Improve Each Athlete's Submissions

    Each topic you add to our Self-Publishing Tool will be reviewed by a human editor. If our editor thinks your submission is missing details or is not clearly-written, he or she may send you an email with suggestions on how you can improve it. Our editors like submissions that contain a lot of details, and which mention brand names and products, equipment and gear. After reading your submission, we want other students to think "I learned a lot and will tell my friends to check out [Your Name]'s tips on"

  • Payment Rates

    Rates vary depending on the topic you choose. We pay the highest rates when you choose topics that give advice on training gear (how to buy and use gear).

    We pay you twice for each topic... first, we pay you regularly for adding a written version of your topic using our Self-Publishing-Tool.

    ...and we pay you again (at the video shoot, weeks or months later) for appearing in a video version of the same topic (which we film).

    Payments for Using our Self-Publishing Tool

    We pay up to $14 per topic via US Mail approximately one week after you add a topic using our Self-Publishing Tool.

    View Rates
    Payments for Participating in Our Video Shoots

    We pay you if and when you appear in a video version of your topic (we create) - payable on the day of your shoot. (Up to $42 per topic)

    Example: If we film 20 topics with you on a Saturday and the rate for each topic is $42, you will receive a check for $420 at the end of the day. After a two-day shoot, you can leave with a check for up to $840.

    You cannot get paid for the video portion without first adding a written version to our Self-Publishing Tool. Read "Our Process" to understand why we require this.

  • Choose Speaking or Non-Speaking Roles

    If you submit the required number of topics, you can be invited to a professional video shoot - at which you will either (depending on the topic):

    • Physically demonstrate a swimming fundamental (without talking)
    • Verbally explain how to buy the best swimming product/gear/training aid.

    Some Swimmers feel comfortable speaking on camera and others do not. For videos that discuss training gear, Swimmers talk about how to choose the "right" gear on camera. It is stuff you know, so speaking on camera should be easy. You sit and show different gear to the camera and talk, following the submission you added using our Self-Publishing Tool weeks earlier.

    When you demonstrate something in a video, you do not speak. Instead, we add a voiceover (audio track) to the video later. This voiceover track is an audio-only sound track that is recorded separately.

  • Filming Location

    Participating students are expected to reside within up to two hours driving distance of the shoot location. Our plans are to visit these 15 cities.

    We have no plans to involve any student who would travel by air.

    If overnight stay is required for any non-local students participating in the shoot, we will pay for a double-occupancy hotel room located in the city in which the shoot is held.

    We cannot guarantee the location of your video shoot. We decide the location for students' shoots on a case-by-case basis after you have added at least 20 topics using Self-Publishing Tool.

    We may create your videos at an athletic facility or a grassy field. Our most recent shoot was held in the early morning hours inside a gym near The Ohio State University.

    If your city is not listed, but you wish to participate, please contact us.

    At our discretion, we can elect to hold a video shoot in your city if we can schedule at least three students at your college (including you) to participate in a shoot on the same day. Each student attending a video shoot must meet our quantity requirements. So, encourage your friends to become Campus Men also.

    Important: We will only discuss shoot locations after you have added at least 20 topics and it possible for you to add topics using our Self-Publishing Tool, but never get invited to a video shoot.

Additional Terms

  • You must be a resident of the USA or Canada to participate in a video shoot.
  • If you are under 18, your parents will need to give us written permission before you can be invited to a video shoot.
  • Important: Due to travel costs, we only invite non-local students who have added a minimum of 20 topics to our Self-Publishing Tool. Students who live in the same city as the shoot location must add a minimum of 20 topics to be invited to a shoot.
  • There is no cost to you for participating in our shoots. If you need to travel, we cover travel costs and meals.
  • If the quality of your topics declines over time, we reserve the right to not invite you to a one of our shoots.
  • You agree not to publish the video (or text for your topic) created during or for your shoot on Youtube, Facebook or any other website.
  • Text added through Self-Publishing Tool must not be plagiarized / copied from other websites or sources.
  • You cannot use anonymous names or fake names.
  • When creating a profile on the site, you must use your real name and upload an Avatar image that shows your face. Submitting our registration form creates a publicly available profile page.
  • There is no guarantee you will be invited to a video shoot. It is up to our sole discretion as to who we invite to our shoots. It is entirely possible for you to use our Self-Publishing Tool and never get invited to a shoot. However, you will be compensated for using our Self-Publishing Tool (provided you meet our quality standards.)