How to Advertise on

To advertise on, you will need to purchase ads through Google Adwords.

Use Google Adwords' "Placement Tool."

Here is how to purchase ads through adwords:

Click "settings" tab on your ad campaign.

Click "manually specify placements"

Go to any Adgroup. Click "details" next to Managed Placements.

Then click "Use the Placement Tool."

Type into the website box.

In the results, select

You can purchase text ads or image or video ads.

How to Advertise on for Free

Alternatively, you can run a promotion on free of charge by spending a minimum per week with Google and Facebook. You can use to run a contest (at no cost) targeting any one or all of the top 25 universities in the USA.

To run a contest, you must spend at least $1000 per month (payable directly to Adwords) and $1500 per month (payable directly to Facebook) for each university you choose. Our promotion efforts are geared toward individual colleges. We do not nationwide promotions. Contests last a minimum of 12 weeks (three months). ($2500 total ad spend per month.) Your ads must point to - meaning if someone clicks on your ads, they will arrive on a page.

Although you do not pay any monies to, we benefit by increased traffic from the universities you select.

Adwords advertising is geo-targeted to the city in which the university is located. Facebook ads are targeted to users who list themselves as a currently enrolled student (not alumni) at the university you target.

We have a Google Certified Professional available to set up your Google and Facebook ad accounts free of charge, although we do not supply ad copy for text ads or artwork for banner ads on Google's Display network or for Facebook. We refer you to a professional with whom we have worked in the past, who can supply these services at an economical rate.

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