How to Do a Close-Grip Bench Press

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This lift is very similar to regular bench press, the only difference in where you place your hands. The close-grip focuses more on your triceps and instead of your chest. The most weight you should use for closed-grip is 50 percent of the weight you normally use on regular bench press. Start by laying down on the bench and placing your hands like regular bench press.

Step 2

After getting into that position, bring your hands in on the bar to about an inch apart from each other. This is the reason the lift focuses on your triceps. If this grip is too hard, you can move your hands apart a little bit further to 2-3 inches. If it is too easy, have them touching completely.

Step 3

After setting your hands properly, it is time to lift. The repetition follows the same principle of regular bench. Bring the bar down to the point where your hands touch your chest, and explode up trying to throw the weight through the ceiling. While bringing the bar down, make sure it is in a controlled fashion and then really explode while pushing it up. The reason for being explosive on the way up is to work your fast twitch muscles and fibers. If you teach your muscles to be quick, it is going to make the lift easier and eventually make you stronger in time. The faster and harder you can move something, the easier it is.

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During every repetition, in order to really work the triceps make sure to keep your elbows tucked in as tight as they can be against your sides, that way every push of the bar is on the triceps. Another problem will be using too much weight that it starts to hurt your wrist while holding the bar. So if this does happen, reduce the weight and widen your grip until it feels comfortable again.

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I first started doing this exercise my junior year of high school in my high school weight room. This lift really helped me grow and develop my triceps and chest muscles.

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