How To Do a Barbell Full Squat

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Step 1

Type of exercise- Compound Strength/Power Muscles worked- Quadriceps(primary): glutes, hamstrings, lower back (secondary) Type of movement- Compound Equipment used- Barbell/ squat rack

Step 2

For optimal results- Use a squat rack to perform this exercise. Begin by placing the barbell height to just below the shoulders. Step underneath the bar and place the barbell slightly below the neck. The barbell should align to slightly below the shoulders.

Step 3

Hold the barbell with both arms at your sides and lift the barbell off the rack with your legs-making sure to keep your torso tight. Step back 1-2 small steps and keep your head up and back straight and flat. This is very important to maintain during the entire movement. Keep your feet just outside shoulder width and pointed straight. This is the beginning position.

Step 4

Slowly bend at the knees and push your hips back. Inhale at this point. Make sure to keep your head up and back flat as you lower the weight. Continue to progress down until you have reached below a 90 degree angle. Continue to lower until your glutes are as close to the floor as possible (comfortably). If you have pushed your hips back correctly- there should be a straight line between your knees and the front of your toes. Check yourself at this point to make sure your form is correct.

Step 5

From the sub-90 degree angle (glutes close to floor), push up with the heal of your foot, exhaling as you progress upward. Refrain from tilting forward to prevent excessive strain on your lower back. You should be at the starting position. Repeat for the desired number of reps.

Step 6

A beginner should start with 20 lbs. on each side and optimize exercise form before moving up in weight.

Special Attention

Difficulties people often experience or parts that need special attention to do it right.

Common ways to cheat/cautions- 1.The main difference between the full squat are regular squat is how far you go down. Make sure to go as far down as possible (past 90 degrees). Be aware this can create more issues with the lower back- make sure your back is strong enough to do a full squat- and adjust the weight accordingly. 2. Make sure to keep you back flat and use only the amount of weight you can handle for good form. Too much weight and a rounded back and lead to lower back problems. You will find if you do the correct form, you will be able to handle more weight due to optimal muscle recruitment. A slightly rounded back is common at the bottom movement since you will be going past 90 degrees- but try to maintain as straight of a back as possible.

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